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PopUp Play Net Worth: How Did the Company Reach With a Deal at the Shark Tank?

Did you ever wish you could build your perfect play structure when you were a kid? Kids can do that with PopUp Play, which will come to their house ready to color and put together. In Season 8, they pitched this idea to the sharks, and Chris Sacca gave them a deal. This article can let you know more about the company and its present working status.

PopUp Play Net Worth

Sources claim that before going on “Shark Tank,” the team had gained $330,000 in 11 months for their product. However the company does not exist now with any of its imprints of managing the business. PopUp Play is a turnkey digital-to-physical design platform that allows consumer brands and companies to offer custom product experiences on demand. They offer a design interface and the ability to make things on demand to meet the needs of retail customers of the next generation. Customers can use their touch-based design app to make and order their designs, which we deliver to their door in a few days.

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PopUp Play Net Worth

PopUp Play: What Made the Owners to Shut Down the Business? How Did it Reach a Deal at the Shark Tank?

Amelia Cosgrove and Bryan Thomas, a couple from Texas, are the brains behind PopUp Play, a playhouse that lets kids move between the natural and digital worlds. In this process, kids choose designs from a mobile app and have them turned into an easy-to-put-together playhouse shipped to their home. Before going on “Shark Tank,” the team had raised $330,000 in 11 months for their product. But most of this money came from a giant automaker with whom they had made a $300,000 deal.

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PopUp Play

Most sharks stayed cautious and said they didn’t understand the company’s strategy because they had only made $30,000 from this investment. Chris Sacca, on the other hand, liked the idea. Instead of taking the couple’s first offer of $250,000 for a 6% stake in the company, Sacca made the same deal as the auto company and asked for $250,000 as a convertible note with a $3 million cap. Since they had no other choice, the two agreed. Amelia Cosgrove and Bryan Thomas worked on their business for a while after they got a deal on “Shark Tank”.

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The most important thing they did was start a new division called PopUp Tech, which gave people who wanted to make custom products more options. PopUp Tech was released in June 2017 to help the company reach a wider audience and make more things with its technique. Even though many investors were already interested, the company has since stopped doing business. Its website is still up, but its app is no longer available, and the company last posted on Instagram or Facebook in 2017. Cosgrove and Thomas have also moved on to other things.

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PopUp Play Net Worth

Final Thoughts

Even though it’s hard to say why PopUp Play and PopUp Tech probably went out of business, we can look at how, other than Chris Sacca, most sharks didn’t understand the entrepreneurs’ plans. Customers might have been turned off by the setup, which could have been hard to understand. But it’s also important to remember that Sacca decided to stop investing in startups in 2017. This could mean he left some of his old investments in the dust.

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