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Dionne Warwick Tweets That She’s Not Dead!

Dionne Warwick has been a musical and cultural icon for many years, and the singer isn’t ready to slow down. The new documentary Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over is a 90-minute look at the American singer’s life and career that can be viewed on HBO Max. Recently, a video is being circulated stating that the singer is not alive. Is this true? Find the truth behind this rumor through the article.

Who is Dionne Warwick?

Dionne Warwick was born in Orange, New Jersey, on December 12, 1940, which makes her 82 years old. She is not only a singer, but also an actress, a TV personality, and, most recently, a Twitter star. Dionne comes from a musical family. When she was a child, she started singing gospel at The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey. She is also related to the late singer Whitney Houston; Whitney Houston’s mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston, is her aunt. Dionne is best known for breaking down barriers between pop music and African-American women.

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Dionne Warwick

Before her, black women were only known for singing R&B and gospel. When she won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Music in 1968, that changed for good. She is also known for her work as an activist, such as when she was the United Nations Global Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization and the United States Ambassador of Health. She spoke out about the HIV and AIDS crisis and gave millions of dollars to help find a cure. She did this by providing all of the money she made from her song “That’s What Friends Are For” to the cause.

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Dionne Warwick

Is Dionne Warwick alive?

Several sources claim that Dionne Warwick is still alive. She is still living and doing fine. In her 80s, she is doing very well. The story that Dionne Warwick had died was a rumor that she was sick and close to dying. For her age, she’s doing just fine. Even though she had to stay in the hospital for two weeks after the accident in 2015, she had never been sick. Besides that, she is healthy and doing fine.

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Celebrity Tribute posted a video in January saying that the famous singer died in a nursing home in 2008 after “several months” of “failing health”. The video then says that in 2020, Warwick was on the reality show The Masked Singer. A Twitter user posted a screenshot of the video titled “The Life and Sad Ending of Dionne Warwick,” to which Dionne Warwick herself replied, “Oh no!” Don’t worry. The singer, who is now 80 years old, is still very much alive and online.

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