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DJ Lastborn Obituary: What Happened to the Veteran Reggae?

Benson Ogweno Ouma, also known as DJ Lastborn, a legendary reggae DJ, has passed away. This article will let you know more details about the late entertainer.

Demise of DJ Lastborn Confirmed!

Several sources report that Lillian Anyango, Lastborn’s sister, claims that he passed away peacefully in his sleep on February 3, 2023. He was 43 years old. On Thursday night, she told me, the veteran DJ was very upbeat, and they had a pleasant conversation before he asked to go to bed. On Thursday, I had the pleasure of spending time with him, and we covered a wide range of topics. Despite his boundless vitality, he asked to be taken to bed immediately following dinner. “I’ve been taking care of him since he had a stroke in 2017, and he’s come a long way,” she said.

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Ian, Lillian’s son, regularly checked in on Lastborn first thing on Friday morning but assumed he was sleeping, so he went to the store to get him some toilet paper and other necessities. After a few minutes, his caretaker stepped in and saw that the DJ still wasn’t up from where he’d been the night before; she quickly notified Lillian, who called for medical assistance. His body was then transported to the Jocham Funeral Home in Mombasa, where he was subsequently confirmed dead.

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Sad as it is, I know that my brother’s passing was God’s will, even if it doesn’t make the agony any less. Allow him some downtime. This will end his suffering forever. “The time was now,” Lillian said. DJ Lastborn’s health has declined for years since he suffered two strokes. When he had a second stroke in 2019, it impacted his ability to communicate and see clearly.

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Who Actually was DJ Lastborn?

DJ Benson Ouma, well known by his stage name Lastborn, has passed away at age 58. He helped create the rap collective Supremacy Sounds and rose to prominence with the reggae-heavy Missile cassettes. Together, DJ Lastborn and Simple Simon started grooving out to a new genre of music. The Missile mixtapes, which included DJ Last born, came next. He took his reggae act on the road and quickly found European success.

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