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Parasite Ending Explained: What Happens At The Very End Of Parasite?

Bong Joon-Parasite Ho had an eventful and transformative year in 2019. The Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or marks the first time a South Korean film has won the award. After that, Parasite’s popularity and success only grew. When it won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance in a Motion Picture, it was the first foreign film to do so.

First South Korean film to be nominated for Best International Feature Film and best picture at the Academy Awards. It has a good chance of being the first South Korean film to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The film’s conclusion is arguably the only item being discussed more than its possibilities for an award season.

The Parks and the Kims are two polar opposite families depicted in Parasite. The Kim family is barely able to make ends meet despite working low-paying jobs. The Parks have everything they need, and their home is a gorgeous, light-filled contemporary masterpiece.

Both families eventually find themselves in each other’s crosshairs. Fun and peril begin from here on out. It’s a complex story about the pursuit of upward mobility and all of the chains that Bong Joon-ho has woven.

As the Kim family tries to scam their way into Park’s household jobs, the plot continues. Upon reaching the shocking conclusion of Parasite, viewers will experience a roller-coaster ride of emotions that will leave them with mixed feelings about the future. You’ll be haunted by the terrible honesty of the ending.

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How Parasite Ended

As was already said, the story is about the Kims and how, one by one, they do whatever it takes to get a job in the rich Park family’s home. The Parks don’t know that these four new workers are all connected.

When the Park family goes camping, things are going well for the Kims in their new home. This frees up the Kims to enjoy their home. Moon-Hwang (Lee Jung-Eun), the Parks’ old housekeeper, comes to the mansion saying she forgot something in the basement.

Moon-gang tries to get in, but Chung-sook (Chang Hyae-jin) doesn’t want to let her in. It turns out that the Moon-husband gangs have been living in the Park house in a secret bunker. She fed him and checked on him when she worked at the Park estate, but since she was fired, he has been on his own.

Moon-gang begs Chung-sook, who she sees as her equal, to keep her secret, but Chung-sook won’t. When Moon-gang and her husband Geun-see (Park Myung-hoon) find out what the Kim family is up to, they have the upper hand. Then, Yeon-Kyo (Cho Yeo-Jeong) calls Chung-sook to tell both families about the Parks’ plan to go home early.

Things quickly change into a fight to the death between the Kims and the former housekeeper for their place. The Kims win because they hurt the Moon-head gang badly, tie Geun-she and her up, and then trap them in the bunker. The next day, the Parks decide to have a party without planning it. The Kims are likely to show up. Moon-Quang dies from the blow to the head, and Geun-she goes crazy because he has to watch his wife die. Because they feel bad, the Moon-family gang decides to check on her and her husband. When Ki-woo (Choi Woo-Shik) opens the bunker, Geun-she is waiting for him there. He goes crazy and hits Ki-woo in the head several times with the scholar rock.

Then he goes to the party in the backyard and stabs Ki-Jeong (Park So-dam). When the Parks’ son Da-song (Jung Hyun-jun) sees what happened, he has a seizure. Chung-sook manages to kill Geun-sae. Chung-sook and Ki-talk (Song Kang-ho) run to help their bleeding daughter, who was stabbed.

Dong-Sik (Lee Sun-Kyun), on the other hand, wants Ki-take to give him the car keys so they can go to the hospital. Don-is turns his nose up at Geun-smell, she’s which makes Ki-take angry. He stabs Dong-it to death and then runs away from the party.

After a few weeks, Ki-woo comes out of his coma and tells how Ki-Jeong died and how he and his mother were accused of fraud. The police couldn’t find Ki-take, but his son, Ki-woo, thinks he knows where his father is.

One night, he goes to the old Park house, which is now lived in by a wealthy German family. Ki-woo gets a Morse Code message from Ki-take that tells him he now lives in the bunker. This message is sent by a blinking light.

Ki-woo writes his father a letter in which he explains how he plans to work hard, make a lot of money, buy a house, and let his father be free again. In the last scene of Parasite, Ki-dream woo fades away and he is still in the Kim family’s original apartment, which is just barely above the ground.


What Or Who Is The Parasite?

I think that each of the three families is a parasite. Like parasites, the Kim family gets into the host body (in this case, the Parks’ home) and starts destroying everything from the inside to take over. The Kims do mean things to get jobs as servants for the Parks. They get rid of the driver by making it look like he uses the Park car for sexual acts. Moon-allergy gangs to peaches are also used to make it look like she has tuberculosis.

Moon-gang and Geun-sae are parasites because they live in the Parks’ house without them knowing and use their resources to live. The Park family is a parasite because they need help from servants to do anything. They use the people who work for them to get money. Because of how Parasite’s society is set up, it is easy for each family to use the other. This “survival of the fittest” way of thinking hurts each family in the long run.

Hope is another thing that can be a parasite. Hope enters the mind and takes over. Ki-woo and the Kim family end up in a worse situation than they were in before they had hope.

What Happens At The End Of Parasite?

After his son Kim Ki-woo wakes up in the hospital, he goes home and sees a flashing light. He remembers that Geun-she used that light to send Morse code signals from the basement. He figures out that the flashes are a letter from his father in which he talks about his escape and how he ended up in the basement of the Park.

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