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Sea Change Movie Ending Explained: Who Is Miranda In The Movie Sea Change?

Since 2017, when Sea Change first aired on Lifetime, viewers have been asking for an explanation of that cliffhanger ending.

Based on Aimee Friedman’s book, the original Lifetime show follows Miranda, a teen girl who goes to an island off the coast of Maine and meets Leo, who has a connection to the island’s stories about sea creatures.

This article will go into detail about the movie and the book that it is based on. So, here’s a warning if you haven’t seen Sea Change yet.

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The Movie Sea Change Is Based On The Same-named Book By Aimee Friedman.

Aimee Friedman is an American author who has written several popular books for young adults. In addition to Sea Change, some of her most popular series are South Beach, Two Summers, and The Year My Sister Got Lucky.

When it came out in 2009, Sea Change was immediately picked up by TV producers who wanted to make a show based on it. Friedman said in an interview that they thought it could be something like a “supernatural Dawson’s Creek.”

This didn’t go anywhere, though, until spring 2016, when Aimee Friedman got a call saying that Lifetime TV had joined the project and it was moving forward. On September 18, 2017, the movie came out on Lifetime.

Except for a few parts, the movie is mostly the same as the book. First of all, Selkie Island is off the coast of Georgia in the book, but it is in Maine in the movie. After that, the movie was shot in Nova Scotia. Second, the Lifetime movie has a lot more supernatural elements than the book did, which Aimee Friedman thought was a good thing.

Sea Change Movie Ending Explained

Most people who went to see Sea Change were unhappy with the last fifteen minutes. If you read the reviews, you’ll see that a lot of people didn’t like the movie because of the ending, which had a lot of plot holes and cliffhangers.

Some of the questions that needed to be answered were how Miranda was connected to the sea walkers, why Leo thought Miranda could save them, why Leo’s sister Naomi wanted to hurt Miranda, and why Miranda’s mother was acting so strange about the family’s “big secret.”

Miranda’s mother Amelia, who was played by Maria Dizzia, was said to know why Miranda was linked to the sea walkers, but the movie never shows us why.

Most theories about Miranda agree that she is half sea walker and half-human. She brings the two groups together. Some people have thought that Greg, Miranda’s late father, was a sea walker. Some people have thought that Amelia is the magical parent because she saves Miranda at the end of Sea Change.

In The Film Sea Change, Who Or What Is Miranda?

Newcomer Emily Rudd stars as Merchant, an estranged teenage girl on a quest to reconnect with her mother, Amelia (Maria Dizzia, “Orange Is the New Black”), on a supposedly idyllic island off the coast of New York City. The film is based on Aimee Friedman’s best-selling YA novel, “Sea Change.”

Viewers “Require” A Sequel Film.

After the cliffhanger finale, fans have taken to the internet to ask for a sequel to the show. “I need to know what happens next on Sea Change,” one fan tweeted to Lifetime. How could you leave me waiting like that? There are now many unanswered questions, such as, “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?” “Thank you, in advance,”

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Freeform TV have also been contacted by Twitter fans who are interested in seeing a sequel or series of Sea Change.

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