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Hollow Knight Silksong Release Date Status: Who Is The Main Character In Hollow Knight: Silksong?

We’ve been waiting four years for the sequel to Hollow Knight, which is called Silksong. Since the game was announced in 2019, we’ve seen bits and pieces of it. Even though we’ve been given a new trailer, we still don’t know when it’s coming out.

Silksong is the sequel to the first game. It starts from a different point of view than the first game and goes up through the kingdom of Pharloom. Through the new playable character, Hornet, we’ll learn more about the sad world and get a bunch of new tools to help us get to the top of the kingdom.

Team Cherry has been quiet about the game for the past few years, but that hasn’t stopped fans from obsessing over every detail they can find. People want to pick apart the world that Hollow Knight made. We hope to find out more about it soon.

Hollow Knight Silksong: Release Date Information

Silksong from Hollow Knight doesn’t have a release date yet. But when it showed up at the Xbox & Bethesda showcase in June 2022, Xbox made sure to say that it was focused on games coming out in the next year.

If that wasn’t enough proof, Xbox is here to say that it meant what it said.

Hollow Knight Silksong: Plot Details

Hornet is captured and taken to the unknown, haunted kingdom of Pharloom, which is said to be “haunted by Silk and Song.” Hornet must climb to the top of this strange kingdom to reach a shining citadel and find out why she was brought here.

This is different from how Hollow Knight goes, where you have to go down into the depths of Hallownest and try to stop the infection that is spreading through the Kingdom. Hornet faces knights, warriors, and even assassins along the way, all of whom are very strong.

It’s not clear yet when Hollow Knight: Silksong takes place in relation to Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight Silksong: Gameplay

Hollow Knight: Silksong is a 2D action-adventure Metroidvania game that takes place in a haunted kingdom full of bugs.

The gameplay is mostly the same as its predecessor, but the focus is more on speed. The player controls Hornet, an insect-like creature that fights enemies with a needle. Hornet was a boss in the first game and later turned out to be related to the knight from the first game because their fathers were both the pale king. During her journey, Hornet meets a lot of dangerous creatures. Planned for the game are more than 165 different enemies. Hornet will also meet many non-player characters who are friendly.

Who Is Hollow Knight: Silksong’s Main Character?

Hornet is the mysterious princess who guards the ruins of Hallownest. She is a major character in Hollow Knight and the main character in Hollow Knight: Silksong, which you can play. She is very good at killing with a needle and thread.

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