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The Epic Games Ooblets controversy explained

After being in early access for a few years, Ooblets is now available on a few different platforms. When it comes out for PC, you can only get it from the Epic Games Store. Some people may still find that annoying, especially if they remember the big deal that was made about the game when the news came out. So why do some gamers get so mad at a game about cute little creatures that wobble? We can tell you.

Why is the Ooblets Epic Games Store the subject of controversy?

It all comes down to the competition between Epic Games Store and Steam to sell PC games. Steam was the only place to buy digital PC games for a long time. There just was not a good alternative. That changed when the Epic Games Store opened in December 2018.

Epic’s plan to get a piece of the PC market had two parts: free games, which are still available today, and games that were only available from Epic. This made a lot of people mad at the time because they thought Epic was waving money in front of developers’ faces to get them to bring their games to its store instead.

This was the end of Steam for many people. If you look at what you have bought on Steam, you can probably see for yourself that this is true. Others got mad when a game went from Steam to Epic without going through Steam first, which is what Ooblets did.

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Many people did not like how the 2019 blog post about the change was written, especially since it was so casual. It has been a few years since then, and even though Glumberland explained why it switched stores at the time, some people who wanted to play Ooblets still feel bad about it.

Where do Ooblets work, anyway?

Now that Ooblets is out, you can get it from the Epic Games Store. You can also put it on your Steam wishlist, but if you are waiting for it to come out on Steam, you will have to wait a while. The game can be played on both the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox. Some people are a little annoyed that Ooblets is not part of Game Pass, even though it was in the Xbox Preview Program when it was first available.

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