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Different Ideas Of Styling Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are the kind of bangs that feature a split somewhere in between the forehead. The style is supposed to have some hair longer at the sides of the face to make the bang blend with the rest of the hair.

Curtain bangs are versatile in how you can wear them, and they require maintenance to keep the bangs in shape. Here are some of the ideas on how to style your curtain bangs.

  1. Decide on the Part

A classic curtain bang is created by parting the hair on the forehead from the middle while it is still damp. After that, use a round brush to blow dry the bangs directing them away from the face. This will help to stop the bangs from causing an uncomfortable feeling if they fall carelessly on your face.

  1. Do Prep Using a Mousse

Using mousse on your curtain bangs helps to add volume to them. For perfect results, you should add a mousse to the roots of the bangs before you dry the hair. To blow the away from the face, you should use a round brush.

  1. Use a Texturizing Spray on Your Bangs

If your current hairstyle is a combination of curtain bangs and shaggy short hair in length, you can add a mist of texturizing spray or a dry shampoo all through the strands of your hair, making sure it reaches the specifically the bangs and hair roots.

Using a texturizing spray is a step that will help you achieve a soft volume of bangs which is important, especially if your hair is naturally soft and has a habit of falling flat on your head easily.

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  1. Ensure You Hold the Brush in The Right Manner

What makes the difference in the puffiness of your hair is how you hold the brush in the process of brushing the blow drying the hair.

Holding a brush horizontally to the hairline results in the formation of an exaggerated puff at the front of your head. The right way to hold the brush is perpendicularly to avoid the formation of puffs which are not required.

  1. To Change Your Hairstyle, Change the Direction of the Curtain Bangs

As your curtain bangs get longer, you can change your hairstyle by slightly fringing them to the side. This gives you a different look from when your bangs are resting on your forehead.

You can direct the hair in the preferred new direction using a round brush when blow drying the hair. You can use a misting hairspray to have all the hair locked in the required place.

  1. If Your Hair is Curly Use Fingers

For curly hair, there is no need to use a round brush to blow dry the curtain bangs. Your fingers are more than enough to set the hair in place. If you are worried that the final look may have a frizz if you use only your fingers, you can apply some leave-in conditioner to the damp hair before drying it.

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  1. Air Drying the Curtain Bangs

If you want your curtain bangs to be loose or have a final look with loose bangs, you should not use heat on your hair. You can apply a moisturizing cream if your hair is already damp and allow it to dry at least halfway before parting your bhang on the forehead.

If your hair is stubborn after parting it and it wants to return to its initial bang position before it has completely dried out, you can pin it up in the desired position until it dries.

  1. Wearing Sleeks

Sleeks will spice up your look at any time, no matter the hairstyle you are wearing. It does not matter if your curls come and go; with sleeks, your curtain bangs will have the perfect final look.

To create the look, you need to run a flat iron over the fringe seek to get rid of any frizz. It is recommended that you run the flat iron quickly because running it slow with a clamped-down iron will make the hair flatten, and this is not the desired final look.


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