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Has HBO decided not to air a third season of Euphoria?

Yesterday, a Twitter account called “Film Updates” wrote that “HBO has officially cancelled the third season of ‘Euphoria.'” Fans were devastated when they heard the news, but when they went to the Twitter account of @FilmsUpdates, they saw that it was a prank account. The cover photo says, “Do not believe anything you read on Twitter,” and the bio says, “It is a social experiment! FAN ACCOUNT!

The Twitter account @FilmsUpdates announced on Aug. 29, 2022, that the HBO show “Euphoria” had been canceled. The tweet said, “HBO has decided to end the third season of ‘Euphoria.'” But this was not the case. Later, the same account posted an image on Twitter that said, “Leaves the scene after spreading false information.”

Since then, the @FilmsUpdates Twitter account has been shut down. We got in touch with Twitter to find out more. We sent an email asking if tweeting false information about a TV show was enough to get someone suspended or if there were other tweets that broke the company’s rules. We will add more to this story if we hear back. Both and had copies of the tweet that we were able to find.

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As a screenshot on Facebook, the false information about “Euphoria” also spread. We found what looked like an endless wall of posts that showed people thought the news was accurate. The screenshot of the tweet was also posted on TikTok. Like on Facebook, many people seemed to think the news was true. One user said about the video, “This is exactly why I signed up for HBO in the first place.” “Is this true?” asked someone else.

So, the news that HBO was ending Euphoria’s third season was not trustworthy. Let us talk about what we already know about Season 3 of Euphoria. One of the most watched shows is definitely one with a lot of adult content and drug use, so it should not be a surprise that HBO renewed the widespread drama Euphoria for a third season in early February 2022, when Season 2 was not even halfway over.

What makes Euphoria so bad is the series’ explicit and often violent behavior, which includes drug use and sometimes peer aggression. High school students are also often involved in these violent incidents. The show’s main characters are a group of young people, but Rue stands out because she has already been through treatment and relapsed when the show begins.

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It is loosely based on an Israeli TV show with the same name. This version of Euphoria was partly based on the work of the show’s creator and director, Sam Levinson. Levinson, who wrote all but one of the episodes, says that before he got sober at age 18 or 19, he “played around with the idea of charting a version of myself from childhood until, in its own crazy way, discovering drugs and the desire for them.”

The book was written by Barry Levinson’s son, Levinson, who is now an adult. The book contains some of his memories and stories.

When will Euphoria’s third season come out?

After eight episodes and the end of Season 1 in August 2019, the cast and crew were ready to start filming Season 2. But because of the COVID-19 epidemic, they had to stop making them. In 2021, the next set of movies was made. If there are no more delays, it looks like filming for Season 3 could start later this year or at the start of the next. Most likely, Season 3 will start in 2023.

Are there any hints about Season 3 of Euphoria?

There have been short hints on the web about what might happen in Season 2, but not yet. Coming up: spoilers! The situation with Maddy, Cassandra, and Nate does not seem to be over, and Maddy might still be able to use the Jules/Cal DVD to her advantage when it comes to Nate and Cal.

The last supposedly leaked spoilers say that Jules and Nate get back together, a character dies, and Fez loses a friend and goes crazy. After all of this, Rue has to try to stay sober on her own.

Even though it looks like Cal has left his family, Dane tells them that he will come back. He has said, “I know that is not the end.” Elordi says that the boys are just getting going. Nate might make a reference to his other brother, who has never been a character on the show.

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In some ways, the third season of Euphoria is still a mystery. Will Laurie find Rue to get the money back for the drugs that were stolen? Does Laurie want Rue to become a prostitute or a sex slave? Will Nate ever have to answer for what he did? Can Rue ever keep up her hygiene? What will happen because of what Rue did to her mom and little sister? How much can Rue fall?

“It is essential for her to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel, as Zendaya has said about her. “Because I think she has a lot of beauty on the inside. “It is up to her to decide if she fully understands that or not.”

Which characters and actors will return for Season 3 of Euphoria?

Colman Domingo, who is her sponsor, and Zendaya are likely to be back on the show.

  • Hunter Schafer (Jules)
  • Jacob Elordi (Nate)
  • Alexa Demie (Maddy)
  • Angus Cloud (Fez)
  • Algee Smith (Chris)
  • Sydney Sweeney (Cassie)
  • Maude Apatow (Lexi)
  • Dominic Fike (Elliot)
  • Kelly, Martha (Laurie)
  • Storm Reid (Gia)
  • Nika King (Leslie)

The actress Barbie Ferreira, who played Kat, will not be back for the third season of the show Euphoria. She said on social media that she would not be back for the third season of the popular HBO show. She wrote on her Instagram story, “After four years of getting to play the most unique and mysterious character Kat, I am very sad to have to say goodbye.”

During the filming of season two of Euphoria, the actor reportedly got into a fight with the show’s creator, Sam Levinson. In February, The Daily Beast said that the actor briefly left the set. There have been rumors that Ferreira and Levinson had a fight during the show’s second season when Ferreira’s character was growing.

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