Ob-wan Kenobi Episode 5 Ending Explained

Obi-wan Kenobi Episode 5 Ending Explained In Details & Final Recap


Fans who have wanted to see Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen back in their Prequel outfits, Darth Vader pull a ship out of the sky with the Force and fight another dark sider, Obi-Wan fighting stormtroopers with his lightsaber, or classic Legends Jedi return to canon will be overwhelmed by Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 5. In the exciting second-to-last episode of the Disney+ show, there is so much going on that viewers barely have time to process big events like Tala Durith’s heroic death or Reva’s sad past as a Jedi youngling.

But when the dust settles and only hurt and angry Reva is left on the barren surface of Jabiim, some viewers may have a lot of questions about where the show is going from there. For instance, what’s up with that scary last shot of a sleeping Luke Skywalker back on Tatooine? We have some ideas about what happened at the end of episode five and what it could mean for the season finale…

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How Does Obi-Wan Kenobi Explain Reva’s Survival?

How Does Obi-Wan Kenobi Explain Reva's Survival
How Does Obi-Wan Kenobi Explain Reva’s Survival

Reva didn’t just want to kill Darth Vader; she wanted to get back at him for everything she had been through. The fact that she wanted revenge was her biggest mistake because she attacked the Sith Lord at the wrong time. Obi-Wan Kenobi had just gotten away from Darth Vader, and he was very angry. For the Sith, this kind of emotion is a source of power, so she was attacking Darth Vader when he was at his strongest. He played with her as a cat played with a mouse. He beat her easily to show her that she wasn’t even worth his contempt. Once she had lost, Reva found out that Darth Vader had always known the truth about her. Worse yet, she had only been able to kill Darth Vader because he let her; the Grand Inquisitor’s death had been made up. Even though she was badly hurt, Darth Vader and the Grand Inquisitor decided to leave her alive on Jabiim. As a Force-sensitive, it was the worst insult to say that she wasn’t even worth killing.

Reva had never been anything but a weapon. As one of Darth Vader’s Inquisitors, she was just a tool to be used against the remaining Jedi. The Sith probably found it funny to use a former Jedi who was out for revenge against the people who had sworn to protect and defend her. Obi-Wan used her as his main weapon when he got her to attack Darth Vader on Jabiim, but she was really just a distraction. Obi-Wan had even told her that she couldn’t beat Darth Vader on her own. So, since she was no longer useful, she was just thrown away. She was now close enough for Darth Vader to see her.

Why Reva Is Going To Go After Luke Skywalker?

Reva’s part in the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV show on Disney+ isn’t over yet, though. At the end of the fifth episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Reva found a left-behind communicator on the ground of Jabiim. The communicator had a message from Bail Organa. Even though the message was broken, Reva could still figure out that Obi-Wan had been watching over a boy on Tatooine. She would have also known Bail Organa since the whole thing started when she looked him up in the Imperial archives and found out that he had been related to Obi-Wan in the past. Reva would soon realize that she had accidentally found out a bigger secret than she had ever known: that Leia and the boy on Tatooine were being kept safe.

It’s likely that Reva will go to Tatooine to find Luke Skywalker. She’ll probably do it in a rage because she knows Obi-Wan Kenobi didn’t defend her and the other Younglings and Padawans at the Temple, but now he’s part of a plot to protect other Younglings he thinks are more important. Reva has been trying to get even for a long time, so she will just go after someone else. The recorded message mentions Owen on Tatooine, and Reva will probably connect this to the man she briefly met on Tatooine who she thought was connected to a Jedi she didn’t understand. Luke Skywalker is in more danger than ever before.

Why are there so many flashbacks?

so many flashbacks
so many flashbacks

Several flashbacks to Obi-Wan and Anakin’s sparring seem to take place around the time of Attack of the Clones. The brothers-in-arms are still master and padawan, and Hayden Christensen is wearing the little rat tail that apprentices wear. In the flashback, Obi-Wan is trying to teach a young Anakin the same thing he tells him years later during the raid on Jabiim: “There are other ways to fight.” Young Anakin thinks that he can only defeat his opponents with his lightsaber, and at first he does disarm Obi-Wan. However, Anakin’s wise master then outsmarts him, making him attack more recklessly as he tries to get Obi-Wan to Obi-Wan finally gets rid of his padawan’s weapons and makes fun of him for wanting to “prove himself so badly” that he’ll do it no matter what.

This whole flashback works on more than one level. Not only does it help Obi-Wan figure out how to take advantage of his former apprentice’s weaknesses, but it also gives us a hint of what’s to come. We see, for example, that Obi-Wan is able to outsmart a furious Vader again without having to face him. He does this by putting a fake transport in place to protect the real one as they flee from Jabiim.

But it also shows how Vader and Reva interact with each other. Reva is clearly outmatched by the Sith Lord, and he easily avoids her lightsaber without his own weapon, just like Obi-Wan did in that flashback. He just takes her sword away and beats her with it. Reva was so focused on getting revenge and proving herself as the Grand Inquisitor so she could get close to Vader that she couldn’t see how her enemies were using her the whole time, just like Obi-Wan uses Anakin’s attacks against him.

The flashback could also be a hint at the next fight between Obi-Wan and Vader. Vader won their first fight, just like in that flashback, but now that Vader’s former master has gotten back on his feet and is back to being a Jedi, it’s possible that the old man will win in the end.

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