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When Did Bruce Jenner Divorce Kris: Caitlyn Jenner Reveals Real Reason Why She Split From Kris Jenner

Caitlyn also said that she had to be careful when she told her ex her new name.

On Rob Lowe’s Literally! podcast, Caitlyn Jenner recently talked about why she and Kris Jenner broke up. After 23 years of marriage, Caitlyn and Kris announced their split in 2013. After they broke up, Caitlyn started talking more about who she is and how she changed from Bruce Jenner. At the time, it seemed like her transition was why they broke up, but Caitlyn recently talked about why they really did.

Caitlyn said this to explain why: “Kris and I lived together for 23 years, and then we went our separate ways. My identity wasn’t a big reason why we broke up. There were so many other more important things going on.” But Caitlyn said that she was “a little bit short” with Kris at the end of her marriage because she was “frustrated” with herself.

Bruce JennerAnd Kris
Bruce JennerAnd Kris

Caitlyn said this about her relationship with Kris after they broke up: “Then all of a sudden, there were no more problems. We just, you know, it was peaceful.”

Caitlyn also said that she had to be careful when she told her ex her new name. She told Kris that she had decided on the name Caitlyn. Kris’s response was pretty funny when she said, “She goes, ‘Oh, my God. What’s your name?’ I said, ‘Well, my name is Caitlyn.’ “Good, you stayed with the K’s,” she says.” Caitlyn revealed. “I said, “No, I’ll take a C.” Yes, I had to be the one to tell her. I said, “There needs to be some space between the church and the government.””

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