Nocturnal Animals Ending Explained

Nocturnal Animals Ending Explained: Everything You Need To Know!

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Major Nocturnal Animals spoilers from 2017 may be found in this article.

What could possibly be more startling than one? Two jarring conclusions Amy Adams plays an art gallery owner named Susan in Tom Ford‘s beautiful 2017 thriller Nocturnal Animals. Her estranged ex-husband, Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal), gives her a frightening book that depicts their relationship in unnerving ways.

Nocturnal Animals recently became popular on TikTok because of its unexpected opening naked scene, but if you’re prepared to stick around for its two-hour length, there are plenty of twists and turns to appreciate. And as the credits start to roll, don’t worry if you’re still perplexed! Decider can handle it.

Continue reading for a description of the Nocturnal Animals story and an explanation of the film’s resolution.

What Happens When Animals Sleep? Summary of the plot of Nocturnal Animals:

At the beginning of Nocturnal Animals, Susan is having a hard time with her second husband Hutton’s (Armie Hammer) frequent travels. When Edward sends her a manuscript for a book called Nocturnal Animals, which is also his nickname for her, it gives her a break from her unsatisfying life, and she soon gets lost in the story.

In the book, Tony Hastings (also Gyllenhaal) gets into trouble with gang members Ray (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), Lou (Karl Glusman), and Turk (Robert Aramayo) while he and his wife, Laura (Isla Fisher), and their daughter, India, are traveling through Texas (Ellie Bamber). After the men force Tony off the road, they take Laura and India and later kill and rape them.

A year later, Ray gets out of jail because local detective Roberto “Bobby” Andes (Michael Shannon) has only hints that Ray was involved in the crimes. Tony and Andes decide to take matters into their own hands by kidnapping Lou and Ray. When Lou tries to run away, Andes shoots him dead. Tony goes after Ray on his own, but the movie doesn’t end without a few more surprises.

What is the explanation behind the Nocturnal Animals ending?

Ray is forced to confess to his misdeeds as Tony follows him to the hut where Laura and India were murdered. Tony kills the bad guy with a gun, but Ray blinds him when he hits him in the head with a fire poker. After Tony brought the person who hurt his family to justice, he stumbled outside and fell on his own gun, killing himself in the process.

Back in the real world, Susan thinks about how Edward’s scary story is different from how they used to be together. The two met in college, fell in love, and got married against Anna’s strict mother’s wishes. However, their relationship became tense when she had to work hard to pay for his early writing career. In the end, she cheated on Edward with Hutton and got a divorce so she could marry Hutton. When Edward finds out that she had an abortion while she was pregnant with his child so that she wouldn’t feel any attachment to him, it ruins their plans to get back together.

After she finishes the book, Susan plans to meet Edward at a restaurant nearby. But he never shows up. This leaves Susan alone to think more about her past.

By writing his own story, it was clear that Edward was still feeling sad after losing his ex. It’s a thrilling thriller about the dangers of the stories we tell ourselves to deal with pain. The twists are meant to keep people guessing until the end. But which is worse: reading a disturbing story written by your ex or having to spend hours alone in a restaurant because of him? That’s the last thing I won’t tell you about.

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