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Moon Knight Post-credits Scene And Ending Explained

Let’s talk about the ending of Moon Knight. Even though Marc Spector and Steven Grant’s story seemed to end in a nice way, a scene after the credits blew the bloody doors off and hinted that Oscar Isaac’s character has a long way to go.

But there was still a lot to take in before that extra scene. In the final episode of Moon Knight, there were parts for the hippo god Taweret, Ethan Hawke’s character Arthur Harrow, Ammit, and Khonshu.

So, what does the Moon Knight ending mean, and will Marc be back in the second season of Moon Knight? What parts were dreams and what parts were real? Below, we break down all the twists and turns of the finale to explain what happened and answer your burning questions.

Moon Knight ending explained

The end of Moon Knight was full of action, and there was even time for two new characters.

When Arthur Harrow finally gets the Egyptian god Ammit out of her prison, it causes a big problem. Marc Spector and Steven Grant are still stuck in the afterlife, but Layla El-Faouly is on the scene and keeps an eye on Harrow. Taweret tells her to free Khonshu and tells her that Marc and Steven are trying to get back.

Marc, on the other hand, goes to get Steven out of the sands of the Egyptian afterlife, which is called the Duat. He gives a heartfelt speech to his other self, but it doesn’t seem to help. Marc himself gets stuck in the sand until the Egyptian god Osiris opens the gates back to the world of the living. Then, Taweret helps the two people come back to life.

Layla agrees to be Taweret’s avatar in order to stop Ammit, but only for a short time. Layla becomes a real superhero, and she gets her own costume with wings. Khonshu is also freed by her.

Ammit can only be stopped if she is locked up in a human body, making her weak. Marc and Layla go after Harrow while Khonshu fights the crocodile god. During the fight, Marc loses consciousness, and when he wakes up, Harrow is very close to dying. Steven confirms he wasn’t the one behind the attack.

Layla and Marc finish the ritual to trap Ammit, and Marc gets Khonshu to let him go, which means he loses his Moon Knight powers. Then, for some strange reason, both Marc and Steven end up back in the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital. But this time, they see that Harrow is walking in blood and refuse to believe his diagnosis. The next day, they wake up in their London apartment.

In the Moon Knight after-credits scene, it is shown that after the end of the movie, Harrow was taken to Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital. In the back of a car, he meets Khonshu again, and the god tells him that he still has a human form… Jake Lockley. Lockley then kills Harrow with a shot, which most likely also kills Ammit.

Post-credits Scene Hint For Sequence

The biggest surprise in Moon Knight was when Marc woke up in the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital. This made it hard to believe that the whole series was real. But it turned out to be part of the Egyptian afterlife, so Marc hadn’t really made up the whole TV show up to that point.

But in the scene after the credits, Harrow is in a mental hospital. Is this all a dream? It doesn’t seem so. In fact, it’s all very real, and this hospital is called Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital, after the comic book artist Bill Sienkiewicz. There is no sign at all that Harrow is having a hallucination, and he even sees Khonshu again before Jake Lockley kills him.

How did Layla acquire her superpowers?

How did Layla acquire her superpowers
How did Layla acquire her superpowers?

In the end, Layla is a full-fledged superhero, and Taweret is to thank for that. The god reaches out and tells Layla that Marc and Steven are trying to come back from the afterlife, but Layla doesn’t want to be her avatar in the fight against Ammit. She does agree in the end, but only for a short time. This is a pretty cool way for the hippo god to give her a costume with wings.

According to, Layla’s official superhero name is Scarlet Scarab.

Is Jake Lockley the new avatar for Khonshu?

In the post-credits sequence, Khonshu and Harrow are transported from Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital to a vehicle. Jake Lockley is accompanying him this time instead of Marc. “He doesn’t realize how tormented he really is, so why would I ever need anybody else?” Before presenting Harrow to Jake, Khonshu enquires.

Khonshu is so finished with Khonshu, but not with Marc and Steven’s bodily selves.

What happened to Ammit and Arthur Harrow?

Throughout the whole series, Harrow has been trying to bring Ammit back to life and help her judge people. In episode 6, he finally gets what he wants, and Ammit comes back. She starts eating souls right away and fighting Khonshu while Marc and Layla try to grab Harrow.

Then Marc loses consciousness, and Jake Lockley is the one who kills Harrow. Layla and Marc are able to trap Ammit inside of him, but Marc won’t kill him, even though Khonshu wants him to.

What happen too Arthur?
What happen too Arthur?

But the moon god figures out a way to get around the problem and has Jake Lockley kill Harrow instead. We can assume that Ammit is also dead for good now that Harrow has been killed.

Why did Marc and Steven go back to the hospital for crazy people?

Marc and Steven wake up in Putnam again after trapping Ammit in Harrow’s body and giving up their powers. It’s a confusing time, but as Harrow walks away, he leaves bloody footprints, which both Marc and Steven notice. They don’t agree with Harrow’s diagnosis and, by extension, his view of reality.

As a result, they both fall backward and wake up in their London flat. It looks like they’ve finally made peace with each other and everything that’s happened to them, and this last vision was them making sense of everything.

What happens to Marc Spector/Steven?

Marc and Steven wake up back at home in London after stopping Harrow and Ammit. They are both free of Khonshu’s influence, but when they try to get up, that old ankle restraint catches them off guard, and they end up face down on the floor. It wasn’t quite a noble way for the series to end, but it was peaceful for both of them.

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