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Darker Than Black Season 3: Release Date Status, Cast, Storyline & Trailer

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Darker than Black Season 3 is coming soon! The third season of the anime series, Darker than Black, will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan on September 22nd.

The release date for North America has not been announced yet. Plot details are scarce but it is known that there will be a new protagonist named Suou Pavlichenko who is an agent from Russia’s FSB (Federal Security Service).

He joins forces with Yian to investigate strange occurrences related to the Heaven’s Gate cult. Stay tuned for more information about this upcoming season!

Do you want to be informed about this sci-fi mystery? Here’s everything you need to know about Darker than Black Season 3 so far.

There is a lot of excitement for the release of Darker than Black Season 3. it’s produced by Bones and directed by Tensai Okamura, and it’s an anime series for television. The story follows the adventures of Rinna, a young girl who discovers that she has psychic abilities. Her friends are also shown to have these gifts, and they join forces with her in order to defend their planet from an alien force that wants to destroy it.

Yoko Kanno composed the music for the program. The series has been adapted from two manga, published in Asuka Monthly and Young Gangan. The Japanese anime series has not announced the renewal of its third season, which has been on hiatus for a decade.

It looks like fans will be able to enjoy another entertaining season of this sci-fi anime series after more than a decade. Season 3 of Game of Thrones is anticipated by fans. Let’s catch some updated news on Darker than Black Season 3.

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Darker Than Black Season 3 Release Date

No date is stated as such. Despite the fact that there have been several rumors, no official word on when Season 3 will be released has yet emerged. The first season premiered on April 6, 2007, and featured 25 episodes; a second season was released two years later. With no indication of further seasons in place, the fans have been left frustrated for more than a decade.

However, because of the time gap, it’s quite unlikely that it will return to the theatre again. Well, there is still scope for the third season which could either be a prequel to the first season or the future where they hunt down the boy.

The story of Darker than Black has already come to an end on a positive note, but recent news suggests that the program may be renewed in celebration of its fifteenth anniversary, though we can’t say for sure if there will be a sequel. We’ll keep you updated on Darker than Black with more news as it becomes available.Darker Than Black Season 3

Darker Than Black Season 3: Who Would Be In The Second One?

However, it’s uncertain whether the new season will premiere in future years, but we may expect that the entire cast from seasons 1 and 2 will be kept, as well as some characters to make this anime even more interesting. The cast for the next installment is listed below.

  • Jason Liebrecht as Hei
  • Kate Oxley as Kirihara
  • Christopher Sabat as Saito
  • Brina Palencia as Yin
  • Kent Williams as Mao
  • Matthew Leonhart as Hei
  • Jack Simon is played by Troy Baker.
  • Todd Haberkorn as Kono
  • Newton Pittman as Genma Shizune

If anything special occurs, we’ll let you know.Darker Than Black Season 3

Darker Than Black Season 3 – Storyline

Hei was resurrected in the final episode of season 2, but Yin’s fate is not shown entirely. All the two seasons revolved around a 13-year-old Russian young lady named Suou.

In this season we can assume that Yin is no more because at the end of the anime Yin appears and asks Hei to kill her and he agrees. In the OVA, she tells Hei her love and bids him farewell. However, Izanagi promises to grant Yin’s desire of being with Hei in the OVA, and Izanagi fulfills July’s request to be with Suou.

Suou is fooled by her friends and loses her family, which leads to her becoming upset and prompting her to fight. Nobody knows what will happen in the third season until now when it alludes to this conflict. Season 3 could alter the narrative’s style once more, adding fresh faces and However, the entire fanbase is curiously waiting for its release date.

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Darker Than Black Season 3 Trailer

As already mentioned, nothing is known yet either about the third season renewal or release date from the makers of the film so it will be hard to say about the trailer of season 3.

However, there are a large number of trailers that have been posted online on a variety of platforms but are not genuine. All of those were made by fans, demonstrating how enthusiastic they are.

Final words

We can anticipate season 3, but nothing is confirmed yet from the producers’ side. The show’s popularity may result in a film adaptation.

We’re just waiting for the next season to come out, and it’ll be far more intriguing and entertaining. Stay in touch with us for more updates on your favorite shows.

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