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Ex-Male Competitor on Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’ Gets Probation On Threatening Ex-Girlfriend

A member of an idol group who also appeared on season two of Mnet’s “Produce 101” was given probation after he threatened and hurt his ex-girlfriend with a gun.

 According to Yonhap News Agency, idol group member A (male) was given a sentence of one year in prison, two years of probation, and 80 hours of community service on August 19 by senior judge Kim Tae Kyun of the Seoul Central District Court for charges of injury, special intimidation, and breaking and entering against an ex-girlfriend.

 Notably, the incident took place during the time of the couple’s breakup in October 2021. The male idol begged his ex to contact him again, but when she refused, the celebrity broke into the girl’s home.

Her ex-boyfriend threatened the ex-girlfriend with a knife, strangled her, and forced her to undergo two weeks of medical treatment for more wounds. Narrated news report

Mr. B was forced to watch while Mr. A strangled his neck with his arm after breaking into Mrs. B’s home through the terrace. Mr. A was also forcing B to aim at the fruit knife that was set up in the kitchen.

The victim’s next-door neighbor claimed that they rang the doorbell as soon as they heard the victim’s screams at the scene of the murder. However, it was later discovered that the male idol had “not yelled” by threatening her ex-lover with the gun.

The Court’s Statements Regarding The Crime

“The quality of the crime and the punishment are weighed in light of the details of the crime and the number of crimes committed. The victim appears to have been very shocked and suffered, and the accused has not yet been forgiven by the victim.”

 However, the court provided background information, stating: “We considered the fact that the defendant confessed to the crime, that he appeared to have committed it accidentally, and that he was a felon with no criminal record.”

 Who Is The Male Hero Of The Assault Case?

Even though the court didn’t reveal the accused person’s name, the media released important details that gave hints about who the male idol was.

 According to reports, the male superstar is 26 years old, making him a 95/96 liner. He is a vocalist as well, and he took part in season two of Mnet’s “Produce 101,” the competition show that helped Wanna One breakthrough.

 Online forums like instizfans identified every member who fits the description. Fans also showed interest in learning more about the identity of the male idol at issue and hoped that it would be made public to stop allegations against innocent idols in the future.

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