Leslie Odom Jr. and wife Nicolette Robin talk about importance of raising children right

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In an interview with Parents for the magazine’s September 2021 cover story, Leslie Odm Jr. and his wife Nicolette Robin, share two children — daughter Lucille “Lucy” Ruby, 4, and 4-month-old baby boy Able Phineas. The actors shared some salient life lessons and what they hope to teach their kids as they grow up.

Leslie shared, “Before I became a parent, I thought I’d better start making a list of all the things that I want to teach them. How do you remember all of the things that you want to teach your kids? I think you’re lucky if your kids remember three to five things that you say.”

“I think you need to pick the three to five things that are most important to you and find a hundred thousand ways to say those three to five things,” he continued.

The Many Saints of Newark actor also revealed what his most valuable advice would be for his children, and that is to teach his kids the importance and value of relationships. The Hamilton actor said, “I really want my kids to know how to be in a relationship. If you know how to make a friend, you can build your whole life on that. You can build your whole life on your support network, and that will cover you in places where you may fall short,” he explains. “That extends to partnerships and to intimate relationships.”

And Nicolette Robinson shared that for her, it’s all about setting boundaries and teaching her kids “how to say no” and “how to stand up for yourself.”

The actress reminisced, “One of our favourite stories came from my mom, who saw it happen on grandparents’ day in Lucille’s preschool, Lucille and her best friend were playing in the sandbox and there was this other little girl who was bullying them, trying to kick them out. My mom said Lucille told her, ‘Don’t talk to us like that.’ It reminded us that we have a tough cookie.”

Odom also described how being on lockdown during the pandemic forced him to reevaluate his personal approach to parenting.

“I just have never been home this much. Even as a struggling actor, I was out and about. A lot of dads have the idea that we go out and we acquire things to bring back,” he says. “To spend a year losing my footing a bit and having to find a new way to be of service to my family was really valuable. I was making my daughter breakfast or the family dinner. Those are things that will stay with me.”

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