Camila Cabello’s debut film “Cinderella” to mix covers and originals for soundtrack from the cast members

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On Tuesday, the first trailer of ‘Cinderella’ was released to the public, which casts Camila Cabello, Nick Galitzine, Idina Menzel, Billy Porter and more. However, this take on ‘Cinderella’ is slightly different from the initial story as this version of the movie is produced with a more modern outlook in mind.

And today news came that the release of a first single from the anticipated “Cinderella” will soundtrack, a cover of Queen’s “Somebody to Love” by the main lead Nick Galitzine. Amazon Studios’ movie musical will sport a mixture of original material and classic pop songs interpreted by Camila Cabello.

It was announced by Epic Records and Amazon Studios that the soundtrack will be released on Sept. 3, timed to the premiere of the film in select theatres and on Amazon Prime Video.

The movie will feature a total of 14 tracks and will feature performances from Galitzine, Cabello as Cinderella, Idina Menzel as stepmother Vivian, Billy Porter as genderless fairy godparent Fab G, and Minnie Driver as Queen Beatrice. This movie is also the debut movie of, Cabello, who will portray Cinderella and Nick Galitzine will be seen on the screen as Prince Robert.

As per Variety – Among the pop perennials being adapted for use in the musical are Madonna’s “Material Girl” performed by Menzel, and Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” in a medley with Des’ree’s “You Gotta Be” as a large ensemble number. Other tracks are borrowed from originators ranging from the White Stripes to J.Lo.

The film is written and directed by Kay Cannon of the “Pitch Perfect” trilogy and presents an updated twist on the classic fairy tale. Cinderella” is produced by Sony. The soundtrack is now available for preorder at

The Tracklist of the movie is below:

“Rhythm Nation / You Gotta Be” – Camila Cabello, Idina Menzel, Maddie Baillio, Charlotte Spencer & Cast
“Million to One” – Camila Cabello
“The New Barry” – Ben Bailey Smith
“Somebody to Love” – Nicholas Galitzine & Cast
“Material Girl” – Idina Menzel & Cast
“Am I Wrong” – Camila Cabello, Nicholas Galitzine, Idina Menzel, Tallulah Greive, Minnie Driver & Cast
“Million to One (Reprise)” – Camila Cabello
“Shining Star” – Billy Porter & Cast
“Whatta Man / Seven Nation Army” – Nicholas Galitzine & Cast
“Perfect” – Camila Cabello & Nicholas Galitzine
“Dream Girl” – Idina Menzel & Cast
“Million to One / Could Have Been Me” – Camila Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine
“Let’s Get Loud” – Camila Cabello, Nicholas Galitzine, Idina Menzel, Tallulah Greive, Minnie Driver, Cast
“Score Suite” – Mychael Danna & Jessica Weiss

To watch the trailer of the movie see below:


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