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Marcus Jordan, And Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa Are Just Friends; They Are Not Dating Each Other

Over the weekend, Marcus Jordan, the son of Michael Jordan, and Larsa Pippen were seen dining out. 
TMZ reported that Marcus, 31, was seated next to the Real Housewives of Miami actress, 48, who is the ex-wife of Michael’s former Chicago Bulls colleague Scottie Pippen, at Zuma, a Japanese restaurant in Miami, according to TMZ.

For around 45 minutes, Larsa and Marcus sat across from another couple at a table, according to the source. Larsa “became a little apprehensive” when other people in the area started to notice their presence, according to TMZ.

Larsa said she was looking for love after getting a divorce from the former NBA player in December, but it’s been hard.

Is Larsa Pippen Dating Michael Jordan’s Son?

According to a recent story, Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan, the son of Michael Jordan, are just friends, they are not dating each other.

On Tuesday, sources informed TMZ that the pair’s most recent outing was just a get-together.

The explanation follows Pipen, 48, and Marcus, 31, who on Sunday, during what looked to be a double date at Zuma in Miami, fueled romance speculation.

Marcus wore a relaxed all-black outfit, while Pippen kept things simple in a pair of frayed denim shorts, a grey bodysuit, and a Godard backpack.

The two didn’t show any PDA, and Pippen reportedly got “skittish” when other diners started taking pictures of her and the son of her ex-husband’s rival in the NBA.

Larsa About Her Marriage To Scottie

Michael, 59, and Scottie Pippen, who were longtime Chicago Bulls colleagues in the 1990s, recently had a very public falling out.

Larsa has also spoken out about the difficulties in her marriage to Scottie.

She said when he did not get his way, the famed basketball player, 56, would frequently “punish” her.

In an episode of “RHOM,” the reality star said she was “traumatized” when Scottie told her to move one of their kids to Los Angeles after she forced him to sell their Miami home.

“He punishes me if he doesn’t get his way. She said, “He’s like The Punisher.”

“I feel like he has lost all of his power over me and the kids. He’s punishing me because I’m forcing him to sell the house.

After splitting up in 2016, the Pippens briefly got back together until Larsa filed for divorce two years later.

After nearly 25 years of marriage, they finally divorced in January.

The six-time NBA champion and Larsa are parents to four kids: Sophia, 13, Preston, 20, 21, and Scotty Jr., 21.

Larsa gave an update on her love life and how things are going with her ex during an interview on Melissa Gorga’s On Display podcast in August.

“I feel like I am kind of mentally in a place where, like, I was married to a really successful, really cute, incredibly prosperous person who gave me four beautiful kids,” she added. So, where in the hell are you going to find a guy who can, say, check a few of those boxes? It doesn’t have to be all of them.

Added she, “It’s not too easy. To be really honest with you, I believed it would be simpler. “

Marcus is Juanita and Michael’s middle child. The couple also has two more children, Jeffrey, 33, and Jasmine, 29. They were married for 17 years before filing for divorce in late 2006.

People who have been keeping up with Larsa’s dating and flirting since she broke up with Scottie in 2018 and got divorced in 2021 said that the couple seemed like a good fit for the 48-year-old bachelorette’s All-Star list of previous dates.

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