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Jontron Controversy Explained: Why People Are Upset About What Youtube Star Jontron Said About Race And Immigration

This week, prominent YouTube broadcaster Jon Jafari provoked to anger by making controversial and inaccurate comments about immigration and race in the United States.

Online, Jafari is known as JonTron. He sparked the debate with a tweet defending Rep. Steve King’s incendiary comments, “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s offspring,” which fellow Republicans and critics blasted as a white nationalist.

Jafari appeared to defend King, writing, “Wow, how disgusting that Steve King doesn’t want his country overrun by individuals that disdain his culture and people! NAZI!!!”

During a two-hour chat about immigration with Destiny, an internet streamer known as Steven Bonnell, he resumed his defense. Throughout the argument, Jafari made several erroneous claims regarding race and immigration, including the claim that minority populations “turn everyone against each other.”

When Bonnell pressed Jafari for an explanation, he constantly brought up his concerns about the extinction of white communities in the United States. Eventually, he stated that he could be receptive to the concept of immigration, stating, “If they integrate, they will eventually enter the gene pool.”

Bonnell told TIME that he asked Jafari into his show after seeing a tweet that appeared to favor King because he enjoys debating political issues with individuals who hold opposing views.

“I was astonished by how far he went,” he added, adding that he was not attempting to provoke Jafari. “Seemed like if you gave him a shovel, he would keep digging and digging.”

With more than 3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, Jafari has maintained a large fan following for years. As a result of Jafari’s dispute with Bonnell, some JonTron supporters have expressed their displeasure online.

“Jon’s argument that the wealthiest black man is either more violent or more likely to be a criminal than the poorest white man is conclusive for me. Reddit user johnlmonkey stated, “I’m all for separating art and politics, but I cannot support him when he openly parrots Stormfront talking points.” johnlmonkey was alluding to the white supremacist website Stormfront.

EccentricOwl posted on Reddit, “I’m angry that someone I fell in love with would turn out this way. JonTron was the first “YouTube Personality” I began following, and one of the first channels I subscribed to. I would not refer to him as a nazi or a scoundrel. He does not compare to Richard Spencer. However, he is okay with Richard Spencer, which is not acceptable to me. Spencer is the president of the National Policy Institute and a white nationalist.

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