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Johnny Depp may not want to return for Pirates of the Caribbean 6, but he will portray Captain Jack Sparrow for the fans

We have known for a while that Disney would make new Pirates of the Caribbean movies that would not star Johnny Depp. During his defamation trial, the actor also made it clear that it would take “a million alpacas” and up to get him to play Captain Jack Sparrow again.

Even though the Pirates of the Caribbean 6 petition is still going strong, he might not want to be in the next movie, but he is still willing to play the famous character for fans.

In fact, Depp brought up the line from the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, in which he and Keira Knightley starred in. If you are a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, you know what scene I am talking about. If you don’t, you are about to find out something that happened 20 years ago.

They are both stuck on an island by themselves, so Captain Jack Sparrow decides to get very, very drunk. While that was happening, Elizabeth Swann came up with her own plan: to burn all the rum. This is not the first time the actor has played the famous Disney character, and it probably will not be the last time.

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So far, Depp has only played the character at Disneyland Play as a boater on the series’s eponymous driveway. He also spoke up to get Captain Jack Sparrow out in the open so that fans could laugh at him. To say at the San Sebastian Festival that one of his favorite things about the role is getting people excited about it.

I can travel with Captain Jack in a box, which is precisely what it sounds like. When the chance comes up, I can visit people and places where smiles and laughter and the things that matter most are at stake. Outside of viral videos like this one, Depp’s fans were calling for him to bring back Captain Jack.

A Disney executive has said that he has no plans to bring the character back. Depp does not seem interested in coming back after he was reportedly dropped from the role of pirates and dropped from Fantastic Beasts. He was there when Amber Heard went to court for the Brouhaha case a few years ago.

But I guess fans will be happy if all they get from “Captain Jack Sparrow” in the future is some video clips.

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