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Johnny Depp knew Amber Heard slept with directors to get opportunities

The trouble between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard seems never to end. Even though their defamation trial is over, things from their past keep coming up. The most recent thing fans have heard is that Amber slept her way to the top of the entertainment business.

According to the most recent news, Heard has slept with Aquaman director James Wan. It is also said that she has been blackmailing him, which is why he will not replace her as Mera even though the executives want him to.

But if the reports are accurate, Amber Heard has been doing this for a while to get roles, so it is not a new thing. Another source says that Johnny Depp knew what was happening and chose to “run away” from the actress who plays Aquaman.

Pop Topic says, “Everyone who is anyone in Hollywood knows about Amber’s wild parties, which means Depp knew about them too.” He knew, and it killed him slowly.”

The source also said that instead of talking to Amber Heard about how he felt, Johnny Depp numbed himself with drugs and alcohol. “He did not want to talk to Heard, so he ran away and used drugs and alcohol to try to kill his feelings and thoughts,” the report said.

Another story about the actress from The Rum Diary said she even got Cara Delevingne to try drugs. For those who do not know, Cara has used drugs in the past and has been in a relationship with Amber. Her use of drugs has only recently become a problem.

There are a lot of rumors that Amber Heard got Cara Delevingne hooked on drugs at the s*x parties she allegedly threw. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are back in the news; this time, a new fact about their past has come to light on the internet.

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The latest news says that Heard got to the top of the entertainment industry by using her power over men and sleeping with them to get parts in movies. If the rumors are true, Amber had a sexual relationship with “Aquaman” director James Wan.

The report also said that the actress had blackmailed the director, which is why he has not taken her out of the next movie. On the other hand, the movie’s executives want to get rid of the actress. A report also said that Depp knew all this and decided to “run away” from the Heard.


Pop Topic says, “Anyone important in Hollywood knows about Amber’s wild parties, which means Depp knew about them too. He knew, and it was killing him little by little.” The source told the website that Depp did not want to talk to Heard about the situation, so he just ran away and tried to stop feeling and thinking with drugs and alcohol.

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According to another report, Amber even got Cara Delevigne to try drugs. Amber Heard is said to have held “s** parties” where the two got hooked on drugs. On the other hand, a movie is being made about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s highly publicized defamation trial. The movie is called “Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial,” and it will only be available on a streaming service.

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