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“It will be Johnny Depp/Amber Heard 2.0”: Barefoot Aaron Carter plans to sue ex-girlfriend Melanie Martin

Aaron Carter says he is suing his on-and-off girlfriend, Melanie Martin, for defamation because she said he broke her ribs, which he has denied. On Monday, the 34-year-old singer was seen working on his car barefoot outside his home.

Carter said outside his house in Lancaster, California, that his lawsuit would be like “Johnny Depp/Amber Heard 2.0,” referring to Depp’s brutal defamation suit against his ex-wife. Carter was dressed casually in a blue, orange, and white Miami Dolphins hoodie and shredded acid wash jeans that were blown out at the knees.

He had short, spikey blonde hair that showed off his many face tattoos, and he wore a substantial diamond-studded pendant around his neck. As he walked barefoot, it looked like the rapper and singer were not going farther than the curb.

A videographer came up to him while he was working on his car, but he seemed more than happy to talk about his situation. Days earlier, he had called the police to his house because he thought his ex-girlfriend Melanie had broken into the house. Carter seemed happy when he said he was “staying strong” even though the past eight months had been “full of trouble.”

Reports said he was in rehab, but he said it was an outpatient program that focused on “aftercare” and his “triggers” to make sure he did not start using again after what he said was “five years clean.” He went to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings as part of the program to show the judge that he was serious.

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When the talk turned to the last time the police came to his house, Aaron said he had called them. He said she would not leave because she was trying to make him angry. He also said that his nine-month-old son Prince was not in the house and that he did not see him during the fight.

Carter said Martin would enter the house without permission by “breaking in through the back window or just walking in.” “I think I deserve a better girl,” he said, adding that he needed someone whose values were more aligned with his “Southern” ones. He went on to say, “Now it is time to focus on being single, on my aftercare, and my son.”

But he said that Martin no longer had custody of his son and that the boy was living with Martin’s mother. Aaron and Melanie fought for custody of Prince earlier this year. Aaron said he lost custody at first “just because I own guns,” but he said he would give up his guns if it meant he could keep Prince.

He also said that Melanie lost custody after he did, so the young child was cared for by her mother. “Unfortunately, it looks like it is going to turn into a Johnny Depp/Amber Heard 2.0,” he said, crossing his arms as he explained that he was going to sue Martin for “defamation of character” over her claim that he had broken several of her ribs.

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“I almost lost my job because of it, so I had no choice but to sue her,” he said. Martin first posted medical records that seemed to show that she had broken at least one rib, but she later took back her claim on social media. At the end of the interview, Carter said something strange to Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez.

“Let me just put this out there. If Camille sees this message, please help me by calling or finding another way to get in touch with me. I would love to talk to you. I know you can help me win because I know what is happening. “Everyone wins,” he said.

At the end of the conversation, the videographer asked Martin if he had enough money to win a defamation suit. “Blood can not come out of a rock.” That is not what it is about. He said, “The point is the job.”

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Aaron said earlier this month that he and Melanie were back together, but it looks like they broke up again when he called the police to his house. Officers were seen walking her out of the house, but they did not take her into custody at the time. Aaron said Melanie stole some expensive things from his house in an Instagram video he posted after the visit.

“Last night, the police were called, and Melanie had to give back my watch,” he said. “She took my Louis Vuitton bag, which I have been carrying around for 12 years.” He also said, “The police made her give me back my Rolex watch, and I told her she could keep my $20,000 Utah-bought fur coat.”


He also said she took the engagement ring he gave her and some expensive Dolce & Gabbana shoes, which he said were worth thousands of dollars. In an angry tone, he added, “So f*** you, Melanie. I deserve a better woman, and I will find one.” When she was here last night, she told me, “Well, I’m going to go f*** a 90-Day Fiancé guy.” Hmm.

People were still having fun at 2 a.m. Why is she not with Prince like she should be?’

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