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Jake Paul Claims Conor McGregor is Cheating His Wife and Also Takes Steroids


The YouTuber-turned-boxer replied to a few of the Notorious’ tweets, which came after an interview in which Paul said the fighter “needs to get active again.” In two different messages, McGregor said, “You’ve had two fights and spent $70,000,” and “You’re a loser, kid.” A nobody’.

Paul, who doesn’t back down from an online fight, told Conor, “You’re more active on Twitter than in the octagon. Stop taking trenbolone and start fighting.” “You cheat on your wife more than you fight in the Octagon. Your priorities are all wrong, so stop drinking and go back to fighting.

“You haven’t won a fight in five f***ing years. And the last time you did it, it was against “Cowboy” Cerrone, who hasn’t won a fight since then.” The 25-year-old brother of Logan Paul then responded to the “nobody” tweet by listing some of his recent accomplishments, including his upcoming sixth fight at Madison Square Garden.

He also said that McGregor only made $150,000 for his 18th fight, while Paul made $15 million for his fifth fight. Paul may be one of the main reasons why they are talking about fighting because he knows how valuable it would be for them to fight in the ring.

The YouTuber has wanted to fight the Notorious for a long time, but he hasn’t been able to make it happen yet. But you can’t blame him for trying to get McGregor worked up, since he’s already told you why he thinks he’ll win.

Paul finished his side comment by saying, “I won knockout of the year last year, and you’re just getting knocked out. “Fix your lack of calcium, stop breaking your bones, and let’s get in the f**king ring and make $200 million.

“We just don’t have the same skills. I work for myself. Yes, you made $100 million when you fought Floyd, but Dana took $50 million of it.”

He then said, “I’d piss on you, Conor. Stop drinking, get off Twitter, get back in the ring, and shut the hell up. I’m going to put a leash on you again. “F*** you, Conor.” Yikes. We don’t know if this talk will lead to a fight between the two, but McGregor will probably have something to say about Paul’s latest outburst.

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