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Is John Travolta Gay? The Truth About His S*xual Orientation!

Fans and the general public have always speculated and been curious about John Travolta’s s*xual orientation. His s*xual orientation has been the subject of persistent rumors and speculation throughout the years despite his incredible career in Hollywood.

Recognized for his memorable parts in movies like “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever,” Travolta has been the subject of ongoing speculation and tabloid scrutiny about his personal life.

Even though Travolta was married to the late actress Kelly Preston, who passed away in 2020, there is still discussion and public interest in Travolta’s personal life due to persistent suspicions and conjecture regarding his s*xual orientation.

Is John Travolta Gay?

Although John Travolta has consistently insisted that he is straight, since his rise to stardom in Hollywood, he has been plagued by homophobic allegations. A number of guys have stated that they had years-long, intense relationships with the actor.

Additionally, a number of outrageous claims have been made by different tabloids. Even while none of these have been confirmed, they have been around for so long that Travolta has been asked explicitly about his s*xual orientation on several occasions.

For example, in an interview with Rolling Stone in the 1980s, he was questioned about the gay allegations that had been circulating about him. He brushed it off, calling it the infamous gossip that is thrown around about every male celebrity, particularly in the year after their rise to fame.

The notable co-starring actress Kirstie Alley, who is still close friends with Travolta despite their 1989 film Look Who’s Coming Back, has also been questioned about her friend’s s*xual orientation.

Alley said that she knew Travolta with all of her heart and soul and that he wasn’t gay in a 2012 interview with Barbara Welter. She said that the next step is to classify a prominent person in Hollywood as gay as long as they are not using drugs or having affairs.

In a 2018 interview, Alley also disclosed that she knew John Travolta very well and that she does not buy into all the LGBT rumors that have been floating about.

Many people think that Travolta is gay or bis*xual in light of all the accusations that have been made about his s*xual orientation. However, the man at the center of the storm has never publicly acknowledged this. Thus, it is only a rumor.

John Travolta’s Wife

Kelly Preston, the spouse of actor John Travolta, passed away on July 12, 2020, at the age of 57, in their Anthony, Florida, home. Her diagnosis of breast cancer came two years earlier. Preston was undergoing treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, at the time of her death. She had previously received therapy at other facilities.

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John Travolta’s Controversial Rumors

John Travolta has been embroiled in a number of s*xuality-related disputes and speculations throughout the years, which have drawn attention and occupied gossip columnists.

Numerous lawsuits, controversies, and reports of the actor having same-s*x affairs all contributed to the spread of these rumors. But no clear response has been given to these accusations. Hence, the topic of John Travolta’s s*xual orientation remains unsolved.

The initial source of the rumors about Travolta’s s*xual orientation was Paul Baressi’s assertion that the actor and he had a significant two-year relationship.

As a result of this widely publicized information, more accusations of same-s*x relationships—including a six-year partnership with a co-pilot—and non-consensual touching were made. Despite these allegations, Travolta and his legal representatives have not addressed his s*xual orientation directly, giving rise to further rumors.

Lawsuits and Scandals

Throughout his four-decade acting career, John Travolta has been involved in numerous litigation and scandals pertaining to his s*xual orientation. The “Pulp Fiction” actor was sued in 2012 by unidentified male masseurs who claimed to have s*xually assaulted and battered her. Following the dismissal of these claims, Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston, supported him through the entire journey until she died in 2020.

In a separate affair, Mr. Zanzi claimed that Saturday Night Fever star John Travolta had made a lewd move toward him while he was nude. Despite the lack of evidence supporting these claims, they add to the continuous discussion and skepticism around Travolta’s s*xual orientation.

Alleged Same-S*x Affairs

The rumors of John Travolta’s supposed same-s*x relationships have added fuel to the flames. Among the more prominent claims concerns a six-year romance that allegedly started in the early 1980s with co-pilot Doug Gotterba.

Gotterba stated that their connection lasted until 1987, the year he signed a termination agreement with Travolta that included a secrecy provision and quit his job.

Travolta has continuously refuted these allegations, claiming that they are merely attempts to coerce him into paying money. But given the enduring rumors about his s*xual orientation, particularly the ones that call him “Travolta gay,” many have begun to wonder if there is more to these claims than first meets the eye. The legal team representing Travolta has been assiduously addressing these rumors and safeguarding his image.

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