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Is Jackson Mahomes A Gay? Uncovering The Truth About The Tik Tok Star Sexual Orientation

Jackson Mahomes is the brother of Patrick Mahomes. Through his amazing TikTok videos, he has gained notoriety. This article will cover topics such as “Is Jackson Mahomes Gay?” and all you need to know about Jackson Mahomes, the rumors, and his sexual orientation. Consequently, if this topic piques your interest, stick with us.

Who Is Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson Mahomes?

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Jackson, born on May 15, 2000, to parents Pat Mahomes and Randi Martin, rose to prominence on social media, specifically TikTok, where he has more than one million followers. He is so popular on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter his fan base continues to grow.

In his first YouTube video, he claims to have been a marketing student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City from 2022 until his graduation. His mother proudly tweeted, “Time flies!! Graduating college!! I’m so very proud of you, Jackson!! I love you! 1st in the fam.”

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In the same video, the Texas-born influencer addresses the allegations that he is riding his famous brother’s coattails.

“Do I use him for clout? No…”I mean, I don’t necessarily use him for clout, but there are a lot of advantages, and I get a lot of opportunities by being his brother, so that’s pretty cool.” 

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Is Jackson Mahomes Gay?

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Since gaining notoriety, his sexuality has been subject to intense scrutiny. Jackson explained in his first YouTube video that he is neither gay nor attracted to women. Not judging someone based on their actions or inactions is a good idea. The fiancee of NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes is also the fiancee of Patrick Matthews, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Due to his sexual orientation, Mahomes has received significant criticism. He does not respond to the comments as he reads them. I value the contributions made by my fans, supporters, and pleasing individuals. Even though he has stated that he is straight, he receives many homosexual jokes, which is unfortunate. His voice is sufficiently feminine.

Jackson’s private life was never revealed to him. We do not know who his girlfriend is, although he may be in a relationship with her. In addition, he has always speculated about being gay, and most articles containing this information are found on the Internet.

However, Jackson acknowledged in a recent YouTube video that he is not homosexual. He also stated how much he dislikes it, which suggests he may be in denial. According to his comment section, his cringe TikTok should lead people to believe he is gay. Numerous YouTube videos react to his TikTok videos, calling them cringeworthy and homosexual.

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Why Does Jackson Mahomes Generate So Much Controversy?

The sexual orientation of Jackson is a hot topic among his trolls. In one of his videos, the celebrity addresses the issue and clarifies the situation.

“I am not gay. I’m attracted to women. “

Nevertheless, he claimed that the hatred he endures has contributed to one of his greatest insecurities: his voice.

You cannot discuss the life of the TikTok star without mentioning his numerous controversies. None of them are blatantly outrageous, but they are apparently “outrageous” enough to anger some individuals.

“I do not like to do on-camera stuff.”All of my stuff typically has music behind it just because I hate my voice. It’s my biggest insecurity.”

His haters judge how he talks and automatically assumes he is gay, which is bothersome for the influencer. The influencer is bothered by the fact that his detractors automatically think he is homosexual based on his speaking. The celebrity is straight, but he finds the comments disrespectful to the LGBTQ+ community.

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Is Jackson Mahomes Dating  Dayna Marie?

Is Jackson Mahomes Dating  Dayna Marie?
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Fans believe Jackson Mahomes and Dayna Marie may be dating after he kissed her.

Jackson Mahomes seems determined to distance himself from anti-gay remarks. He is gaining confidence in discussing his sexual interests in public. On March 16, 2022, fans observed Jackson Mahomes posting a story about kissing a girl they could not see. However, he soon discovered that he had kissed Instagram model Dayna Marie. It was evident from her reports that she and Mahomes had met on the same day, as their attire was identical.

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Since then, Mahomes’s supporters have believed he is having an affair. However, the TikTok celebrity has not spoken publicly about their relationship. However, the fact that he kissed a woman suggests that he prefers women to men. This story about kissing Marie helped many of his fans realize that only his voice makes him appear homosexual. In actuality, Jackson Mahomes only likes women.

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