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High School Dxd Season 5 Premiere Date Announced For 2024| Nova scotia Today

High School DxD is a popular anime show that takes all of its ideas from the famous light novel by Ichiei Ishibumi. The show is about what happens to a high school student named Issei Hyodo and the problems he has to deal with.

The series was shown on many different platforms in many different countries, and it got a lot of love and praise. Now, fans are looking forward to Season 5 of the Japanese show. We will try to discover what is hidden about High School DxD Season 5 in this article, so keep reading.

High School Dxd Season 5 Release Date

High School Dxd

According to the show’s makers, High School DXD Season 5 was expected to premiere in 2020. The date was postponed, however, due to the unforeseen global pandemic.
Season 5 of High School DXD will premiere in early 2024, now that the world has reverted to its original schedule.

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What Can You Expect In The New Season?

High School Dxd

High School DxD is a great mix of comedy and supernatural drama, and Tetsuya Yanagisawa does a great job of directing it for supernatural comedy fans. So far, the At-X network has shown the first four seasons of the show. The first season ran from January 6 to March 23, 2012. Its fourth season, “High School DxD Hero,” came out between April 10 and July 3 of, 2018.

Azazel challenged Indra about Cao Cao and how he knew him as the fourth season concluded on a cliffhanger. The response Azazel received was shocking. Indra has known Cao Cao since childhood. In addition, he knew of Cao Cao’s relationship with Hades.

High School Dxd

Indra intentionally concealed it from everyone. Azazel disregarded it. (However, for how long?) In any case, Season 4 concluded the tenth volume of the manga. If we were to hypothesize about the plot of Season 5, it would follow the events of Volumes 11 and 12.

The new season may begin with a promotion exam, followed by scores determining the devil’s abilities. Even with a high score, Issei cannot rank above the lowest class. As a result of Koneko’s knowledge of Issei and Rias’ proximity, the situation has shifted. Rias, on the other hand, desires to feel secure, whereas Issei is overly anxious and unreasonable.

Meanwhile, each high school girl attempts to entice or at least engage in physical contact with Issei (as the female sexual stimulation increases). Issei may also join the faculty as a professor.

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High School Dxd Season 5 Cast Details


The company that makes the show hasn’t given any official news about season 5. Still, few cast members are playing their roles from season 4, like Yoko Hikasa (No Game No Life Season 2) as Rias Gremory, Yuki Kaji (Noragami Season 3) as Issei Hyodo, Azumi Asakura as Asia Argento, Hyoudou as Yuki Kahi, Shizuka Ito as Akeno Himejima, Ayana Taketaksu as Koneko Toujou, & Kiba as Sean O’ Conner. Some new characters will be added, and it will be interesting to see where the story goes in season 5.

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Trailer Of High School Dxd Season 5

No clips or trailers for High School DxD have been shown yet. Since it will come out in 2022, the roll-out date might be one month before that. You can watch a trailer until then:

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