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Barbie Ferreira leaves ‘Euphoria’ amid Season 2 drama

Barbie Ferreira confirmed her departure from the critically acclaimed HBO series Euphoria on Instagram, writing: Tears well up in my eyes as I say farewell to the role of Kat, the mysterious and unique character I have gotten to play for the past four years.

I am glad you enjoyed following her development into the person she is today, and I hope many of you found a bit of yourself in her as I did. I gave her my undivided attention and affection, and I prayed that it showed. I adore Catherine Hernández.

Although Ferreira’s exit is not exactly a surprise, considering the long-rumored conflict with creator Sam Levinson and Kat’s pathetic excuse for a narrative in the show’s second season, viewers appear to be suffering even tearier farewells. One commenter predicted that Sam Levinson would “100% regret it when she becomes a huge star” since he “slept on Barbie Ferreira’s talent.”

“Im sorry but Kat is one of Euphoria‘s best characters…barbie Ferreira deserved better,” wrote another. As Ferreira noted to The Cut shortly after the season two debut, her character is “secretly going through a lot of existential crises,” and her arc is “internal and a little mysterious to the audience.”

Fans have praised Kat as a beacon of body positivity and nuanced representation of women coming of age since the show premiered in 2019. Thus, realizing that this explanation was code for a nearly non-existent subplot was incredibly disheartening. What is it they say about places that are no longer useful to you…

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Since it was just revealed that Barbie would be appearing in the House of Spoils film for Amazon Prime Video, it is possible that their schedules just clashed.

However, internet snobs claim that Barbie left the show due to a conflict between the show’s creator and writer Sam Levinson Barbie, which has been documented by American publications like Decider (who was initially expected to be part of season three).

The response against Hunter Schafer, who plays Jules, another main character on the show, preceded Barbie’s sudden departure.
Schafer, a trans woman, is allegedly involved in a complex dispute after she “liked” and commented on an anti-non-binary Instagram post with exclamation points.

This post by @piggytaiwan criticizes “enbies,” or those who do not associate with a particular gender. Some commenters on Page Six’s article criticized Hunter’s apparent endorsement, saying that the actor suffers from “internalised transphobia” and is “trans-lite.”

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When Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie, posted photos from her mother’s 60th birthday celebration to Instagram Stories and her grid, the drama quickly escalated. Everyone came dressed in their best cowboy finery for the hoedown theme party (an American folk dance celebration with a Texas twist).

Nonetheless, some Instagram users have criticized the outfits of some of the other partygoers. Specifically, one wearing a Blue Lives Matter shirt and others wearing “Make Sixty Great Again” hats, the latter being a play on Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. Sydney has tweeted in response to the criticism, claiming that her “innocent celebration” has been misconstrued as an “absurd political statement.”

To put it mildly, the cast of Euphoria has had a challenging and slightly insane week.

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