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Ines Rau Before and After: Check out Her Incredible Transformation in 2022

The French-born model Ines Rau is making history as the first transgender playmate in Playboy Magazine. She recently opened up about her life before transitioning and what it was like to live as a male. Rau’s story inspires many and creates positive conversations around gender identity and expression. Through her journey, she has shown us that we can achieve our dreams no matter who we are or where we come from. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Ines Rau before and after surgery to understand how their appearance has changed quickly.

Who Is Ines Rau?


Ines Rau is a renowned French model. She was born in Paris, and her ancestry is Algerian. She was born as a man. She underwent gender reassignment surgery when she was 16 years old. After being encouraged by the life story of trans model Caroline “Tula” Cossey, she experienced the procedure. She afterward lived as a woman. She lived as a woman until she was 24 when she emerged as transgender.

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Ines Rau Before And After

Ines Rau made headlines for being the first openly transgender playmate. She was born as a guy, and at 16, she underwent gender reassignment surgery. Now that she is famous as a transgender person, Ines’s before and after photos are not available online.


Several online clients require before-and-after images of her transformation. However, her pre-transition photographs are typically unavailable online. She underwent the procedure at 16 and did not emerge until she was an adult.

She described a current occasion during which she received quite a few death threats and transphobic recommendations since she sat at the same table as a well-known soccer participant at a charity function. However, she believes that change was the most beautiful thing for her because it allowed her to open her heart and awaken her spirit.

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Ines Rau Plastic Surgery: What Plastic Surgery Did She Get?

Ines Rau has been open about her journey and transition from male to female, including the plastic surgery she underwent to make the change. But what exactly did Ines Rau do?  No images regarding her before and after transformation are available till now.

Rau’s plastic surgery transformation included facial feminization procedures designed to reshape masculine features into feminine characteristics. This includes forehead contouring, cheek augmentation, nose reshaping, and chin reduction. Additionally, she had breast augmentation surgery with implants to give her more feminine curves and enhance her overall appearance.

In addition to these body modifications, Ines had hair removal treatments such as electrolysis or laser hair removal on areas like her face and chest to have a smooth and soft complexion.

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Final Words

In conclusion, Ines Rau’s plastic surgery transformation has been impressive and inspiring. She has embraced her beauty and believes that everyone should do the same. Her story serves as a reminder that self-acceptance and loving your body is the most important thing. Plastic surgery, however, can be a positive choice for many people to improve their confidence and self-image. We should applaud Ines Rau for her bravery in taking control of her happiness by undergoing plastic surgery.

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