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Clermont Twins Plastic Surgery: Look At Clermont Sisters Before And After Surgery

The Clermont Twins, formerly known as the Shannon twins, have recently made headlines due to their dramatic physical transformation. Though identical twins, it’s clear that after undergoing surgery, the two no longer look like mirror images of one another. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Clermont Twins before and after surgery to understand how their appearance has changed quickly.

The Clermont Twins: Who Are They?

The Clermont twins are up-and-coming fashion designers that have made a reputation for themselves in the Hollywood fashion industry. To increase their prospects of achieving greatness, the two left Georgia and relocated to New York, where they lived with their fashion designer aunt.

During an interview, the sisters said that their aunt took them to numerous New York City fashion events when they were younger. The fact that she could make her garments greatly piqued our interest in her.” The relationship between the Clermont Twins can only exist between identical twins. They usually assemble in the same area, and their personalities are pretty similar. In an interview, they claimed, “We understand how the other person thinks. We are, by definition, intimately bound to one another.”

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Clermont Twins Before & After Surgery

The sisters have had at least twenty buttock lifts and altered the morphology of their chins and lips but assert that their breasts are the only area of their bodies that have not been surgically altered. Shannon Clermont ignited social media in 2021 after a user photographed the Clermont twins at the airport without makeup. Eventually, some trolls were enamored with how they appeared without their signature glow and began calling them disparaging names.

Their change, which included bleaching their skin, Botox injections to enhance the fullness of their lips, and rhinoplasty, shocked their dedicated followers.

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What Surgeries Did The Clermont Twins Have?

After Season 14 of The Bad Girls Club, a reality series they participated in in 2016, their journey toward plastic surgery began. They disappeared from public view for a few months, then returned with fresh appearances. Their comeback with bleached skin, Botox-filled lips, and nose procedures startled their admirers.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Clermont Twins’ decision to undergo surgery was a life-changing experience. Not only have they gained confidence in their skin, but they have also become a source of inspiration for many worldwide. From physical changes to emotional ones, the Clermont Twins have made great strides since undergoing surgery. This experience has allowed them to grow and embrace who they indeed are.

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