How Can I Get Married in Court in UAE?

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Marriage is a bond which holds two hearts for a lifetime in the most beautiful way. Marriage in its literal context is merely a contract between two people. This contract denotes love, commitment and harmony between two people towards a unique kind of companionship. It is the only family relationship in this world that we choose ourselves.

United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular destinations in the world where the majority of the workforce population is youth from different parts of the world. Expats move to Dubai to have better lives and mostly to support their families back home. Once these young expats start settling down here in UAE they often think about having a companion for life and build a family with them but as an expat, can you marry in UAE? The answer is YES!

In this blog we will tell you how you can get married in court in UAE. If you’re getting married in Dubai, knowing all the legal requirements is just as crucial to your wedding preparations as any other factor.

Marriage Laws in UAE

If you are a resident or a citizen in Dubai or any other emirate of UAE, there are certain rules and legislations regarding marriage that you must keep in mind before proceeding towards marriage.

Until 2021, the only valid connection or family that may be formed between a man and a woman, according to UAE law, is marriage. In the United Arab Emirates, the marriage contract is based on Sharia Law, which safeguards the rights of the spouse and their children. However, recently UAE has relieved its laws where couples who are not legally married can still live together until they are married. In the UAE, the Sharia Court must record the marriage of Muslim couples. However, persons of various ethnicities and beliefs might need to follow a different procedure. Let’s examine various guidelines for getting married in the UAE.

General Requirements for Everyone to Marry in UAE

Couples whether expats or citizens, belonging from any ethnicity or religious values must meet the following requirements to proceed with marriage in UAE:

  • The first and foremost requirement is the bride’s consent
  • Next thing required is a pre-marital health screening certificate acquired from legal health departments of the country. (Ministry of Health and Prevention, Department of Health – Abu Dhabi and Dubai Health Authority)
  • For individuals on visit visa in Dubai, it is mandatory that one of the parties of the couple (the bride, the groom or legal guardian of the bride) must have a valid resident visa of UAE
  • In the case of other emirates, as an expatriate, both parties of the couple must have a valid resident visa of UAE

Court Marriage in UAE

For those looking to be married in Dubai courts, the courts there provide online options. The applicants must register online via eZawai on the court’s website. People who authorize marriages in the courts of UAE are known as Mazoons. These Mazoons are the marriage officers who make the arrangements for marriages in court and perform them. They also draw the marriage agreement after reviewing all the necessary documents. In court marriages in UAE, couples are also provided with a wedding ceremony room where they can celebrate the harmony of their love and use a photographer to capture their beautiful memories.

Legal Requirements for Court Marriage for Muslim Couples in UAE

The couple must adhere to certain legal conditions in order to get married in UAE according to Muslim marriage rules:

The marriage contract must be registered with the Sharia Court in UAE

The minimum age to get married in Islam is 18 years old. If either the bride or the groom is younger than the stipulated age restriction, a judge’s consent is necessary

A spouse’s age cannot be double that of the other. In this situation, the judge’s consent is required

The couple is required to appear in court for the wedding on the scheduled date or for additional formalities if necessary

Requirement of the premarital health screening certificate is mandatory

The intended bride must obtain her father’s or a legal guardian’s approval before being married

The presence of the bride’s father or his representative, as well as two Muslim men, is needed

When the bride’s father passes away, the attendance of the next male guardian, or the next male relative, such as an older brother, is necessary

Women who are widowed or divorced must provide documentation of their marital status as polyandry is prohibited in Sharia Law of UAE

Her embassy or consulate must provide a “No Objection” letter if the bride is Muslim but her father is not

The couple must get the court wedding certificate in Dubai validated by MOFA since MOFA authenticates marriage certificates in the UAE

Legal Requirements for Non Muslim Marriage in Court in UAE

For Non-Muslins who are intending to marry in Court in UAE, following are required:

At Dubai, a non-Muslim couple may get married in a temple or church if they so want. While Hindus can consult with religious experts at UAE temples, there are several stunning churches in Dubai that are ideal for a ceremony where Christian residents can perform the ceremony of the wedding.

Moreover, Non-Muslims can also be married in their home nation’s embassy or consulate in the UAE. In any situation, the Judicial Department must be contacted to receive the marriage certificate.

Documents Required for Court Marriage in UAE

Following documents are required to get married in courts of UAE:

  • Birth certificates of both bride and groom
  • Original Passports
  • Residency proof in UAE either self or guardianship
  • Valid Emirates Identity Card
  • Authorized Premarital health certificate
  • Certified document by the MOFA which denotes the marital status of both parties, whether they are single, married or divorced

Please be aware that depending on the situation, the documents needed may change. For further information on the criteria, spouses must contact the consulate of their nation in the United Arab Emirates.

Looking for More Guidance on Court Marriage in UAE?

Many legal companies in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, provide marital counseling services and have Dubai marriage attorneys to handle some matters for you. One of them is Dubai Court Marriage, a reputable company that manages a group of family attorneys in Dubai as well as offering certificate attestation in the UAE for marriage certificates and other papers that couples need to have attested.

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