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Hawkwind’s co-founder, Nik Turner, has passed away at the age of 82

“We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Nik Turner, the Mighty Thunder Rider, who passed away peacefully at home on Thursday evening,” according to a post on the saxophonist’s Facebook page.

Having been inspired by the love of his family, friends, and followers, he has advanced to the next stage of his cosmic trip. Keep an eye on this space for his plans.

Turner was one of the four people who started Hawkwind with Dave Brock, John Harrison, Terry Ollis, and Mick Slattery in 1969.

He spent seven years with the group, performing with Lemmy, who joined in 1971 and would later become the band’s leader. Turner quit the group in 1976, but he later joined them again in 1982 and played for another two years.

Hawkwind are best known for their songs Urban Guerrilla, Shot Down in the Night, and Silver Machine, which peaked at No. 3 on the UK singles chart in 1972.

We lost Lemmy’s former bandmate Nik Turner today, according to a tweet from Motörhead’s official Twitter account. Play some loud Hawkwind music! Here we go, let’s brainstorm!

Turner travelled to Egypt and recorded flute music inside the pyramids in between his two spells with Hawkwind. The recordings were used as the inspiration for Sphynx’s 1978 album Xitintoday.

Nik Turner’s Fantastic All Stars, Inner City Unit, and Space Ritual are other stage titles for songs that Turner has recorded.

In 2013, he admitted to having a “quite casual approach” toward all this—”to me, it’s entertainment.” But essentially, it’s just entertainment with a purpose. of sharing happiness, love, and other such things. I mean, I worry about coming across as too obviously hippy, but I think that love and peace should be considered stylish attitudes in some circles.

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