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Fan Confusion Over Julie Powell’s Final Tweet Before Her 49th Birthday

According to a new article in the New York Times, author Julie Powell, whose novel ‘Julie and Julia’ was adapted into a popular 2009 movie starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, died of cardiac arrest on October 26. She was 49 years old.

The tweet that Powell made the day before she passed away has been a focus of discussion online as admirers try to make sense of the tragedy. Now I have what can only be described as a Black Hairy Tongue.

“It’s horrible, but everyone I’ve talked to, including my doctor, seems to think it’s no major concern and will go away soon,” Powell tweeted on October 25.

Black hairy tongue, or a “buildup of dead skin cells,” is described as “an alarming-looking condition” on the Mayo Clinic’s website but “generally doesn’t cause any health problems and is usually painless.”

Many people on Twitter began talking about Powell’s final tweet, with some saying she may have died from a covid-19 infection because she had been diagnosed with a black hairy tongue.

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Some people, especially those who believe the conspiracies around the covid-19 vaccine, tried to blame the vaccine for the death.  Powell posted in mid-September that she had contracted covid-19, and a review of her tweets revealed that her spouse had recently caught covid-19 twice in the span of a month.

I dozed off and woke up feeling sick as a dog, so I guess that was a good decision. It seems to me that this is how the covid manifests itself. On September 10, Powell tweeted, “All of a sudden, like.”

The misery of living with covid-19 was again the subject of a tweet from her a few days later. Strangely, the symptoms of my Covid are worsening.

Powell tweeted on September 13 that he was suffering from a “terrible headache, cough, likely fever, and exhaustion.” The author, who had earlier tweeted that she had been vaccinated and boosted, confirmed on September 19 that she no longer had covid-19.

Many on the right, including Tim Pool, have jumped on the news of premature deaths to blame the covid-19 vaccine; Powell’s death is just the latest example.

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Vaccine-related adverse events have been reported, but they are thought to be relatively uncommon. Some people attribute all recent premature deaths to covid-19 without any evidence to support this claim.

We currently have no way of knowing whether or if Powell’s death was related to covid-19.

According to BNO News, one of the few sources still compiling statistics for the entire country on a daily basis now that the CDC has stopped giving updates, the United States currently averages roughly 39,000 new cases per day.

There have been an average of 324 new cases and 324 deaths every week due to this illness.

Since the start of the pandemic, the United States has reported more than 97 million cases of covid-19, likely a massive undercount as infections found at home are not added to the official figure, and more than 1 million deaths.

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In the wake of a celebrity death, it has become normal practise to peruse the person’s final social media posts, particularly if they were relatively young.

Fans of late singer Chris Cornell, vocalist for the band Soundgarden, were stunned to learn of his suicide in 2017. Cornell committed suicide at the age of 52, surprising many. His final tweet did not indicate that he was mentally hurting.

However, this merely demonstrates how, despite getting an unparalleled look into people’s lives thanks to social media, we can never be quite sure of what’s going on in their minds.

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