Hawkeye Season 2 Release Date Status

Hawkeye Season 2 Cancelled: Hawkeye Is End, Will Not Return For Season 2


Since Hawkeye has been promoted as a one-off event like WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it’s hard to imagine there will be a second season. Marvel, though, maybe even sneakier than Yelena, especially when planning for the future of its major superhero endeavors. For the time being, then, we should not give up hope.

Both Loki and What If…? were renewed after their first seasons had concluded running on Disney+, and while we have yet to hear anything about the second season of Hawkeye, that doesn’t mean we won’t see him again.

The series was put into the comedy category at the Emmys, a space generally designated for continuous shows, not one-off mini-series, leading Variety to conclude that a second season is imminent.

As a matter of fact, there is a limited series category (to which Moon Knight has been entered) and the comedy category contains stiff competition from the likes of Barry and Ted Lasso, so it is certainly a fascinating decision by Disney to throw Hawkeye into the mix.

Upon being asked about a potential second season, directorial team Bert and Bertie told Buzzfeed, “It’s fantastic to hear people begging for a second season. Absolutely nothing can be said at this time. That’s when you know you’ve hit the mark and are satisfying your customers, in my opinion.

They’ve ridden this roller coaster before and want more of the same. Kate, Yelena, and the rest of the gang need more of everything. Since this is set in the MCU, the tales must progress, right?

Grab some spicy sauce and settle down as we speculate about the future of Hawkeye beyond the second season.

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Hawkeye season 2 Release date

The second season of a TV program typically premieres 12 to 18 months after the first, but Marvel shows are part of a far larger plan that incorporates the MCU as a whole.

This makes it more difficult to anticipate when a series like Hawkeye will return or even if it will be renewed at all. It’s equally possible for these characters to reappear in a different movie or TV show.

But if the second season of Hawkeye does materialize, we anticipate that it won’t air until no earlier than 2023.

Disney’s campaign for awards shows that Hawkeye Season 2 is possible.

A change to the Disney Studio Awards website shows that the second season of Hawkeye isn’t as unlikely as we thought before. The Marvel shows on Disney+ have been limited series, with a single story told over 6 episodes like a long movie. This is different from the DC Comics Arrowverse adaptations, which have a continuous procedural structure with episodes that could go on forever. Disney doesn’t think of the Hawkeye series on Disney+ as “season 1” because there aren’t going to be seasons 2, 3, 4, or more. And as of 2022, neither Disney nor Marvel Studios had said anything to suggest that would change.

But the Disney Studio Awards website shows that the House of Mouse has put Hawkeye from Marvel Studios in the running for Outstanding Comedy Series at the Emmys. Not only is getting a nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series a big deal for a mostly action-based show about almost-superpowered archers, but the Outstanding Comedy Series category is usually for sitcoms and comedy serials that run for more than one season. Disney’s decision to put Hawkeye up for this particular award has given some fans hope that maybe, just maybe, this beloved limited series won’t be limited for too long.

What is Season 2 of Hawkeye’s storyline?

Hawkeye Season 2 Plot
Hawkeye Season 2 Plot

The first season of Hawkeye purposefully left the door open, implying that Clint Barton may possibly play Hawkeye in the future, along with his new partner Kate Bishop, also known as Lady Hawk, Hawk Eve, and Hawk Shot, and Lady Arrow.

Whether that story continues in Hawkeye season two is unknown, but we do know that Kate will be a part of the Avengers in the near future. Marvel has been hinting at a Young Avengers team for some time, so Hailee Steinfeld’s character may soon appear on the big screen alongside Wanda’s kids, Ant-daughter, Man’s, and a number of other new heroes who appear destined to replace the legendary oldies.

The effects of Hawkeye’s first season will also be shown in Echo’s upcoming spinoff series, which Marvel has previously confirmed. By the end of season one, Alaqua Cox’s character had been made good, positioning her for her upcoming new series as a morally dubious vigilante similar to the Marvel Netflix cast.

The MCU’s Hawkeye story is over, and he must retire.

Clint Barton might not appear in Hawkeye season 2 if it does materialize. Clint’s MCU narrative seems to be finished after five film roles and his Disney+ series. Now that Kate Bishop has taken over as the Hawkeye, he should be able to retire and enjoy a quiet life with his family. She will serve as the focal point of any upcoming Hawkeye season 2. As part of Kate’s solo adventures, Eleanor could transform into Madame Masque while she deals with the consequences of what occurred with her mother and becomes a private investigator.

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