Disappearance At Clifton Hill Ending Explained

Disappearance At Clifton Hill Ending Explained In Details: Is Alex Still Alive And Well?


Albert Shin is in charge of the 2019 Canadian thriller film Disappearance at Clifton Hill, which was first called Clifton Hill. Tuppence Middleton plays Abby, a young woman who moves back to Niagara Falls, Ontario after her mother dies and inherits a family-owned motel in the city’s Clifton Hill tourist district. She becomes obsessed with remembering a kidnapping she saw as a child but can’t quite remember.

Hannah Gross, Marie-Josée Croze, Andy McQueen, Noah Reid, Dan Lett, Aaron Poole, Connor Jessup, Elizabeth Saunders, and Maxwell McCabe-Lokos are also in the movie, along with David Cronenberg, who plays a local historian and podcaster in one of his few acting roles. The movie was up for four Canadian Screen Awards, and McQueen was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

Disappearance At Clifton Hill Plot Summary

As a child, Abby sees a boy being taken away. Twenty-five years later, she’s on a bus going back to her hometown to make good on a deal her dead mother made. She has trouble getting along with her sister, Laure because she doesn’t trust her.

Abby sees the same car she had seen all those years ago when she was going through old photos. Her memories come back to her, and she looks into the murders and kidnappings that happened around that time. She asks her sister and Walter, a local podcaster who makes shows about conspiracy theories, to help her make sense of what she finds. During all of this, tensions are also caused by how she acts. It turns out that Abby tells lies all the time.

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Is Charlie responsible for Alex’s death?

“Disappearance at Clifton Hill” starts out with a kidnapping. Abby’s view is very limited when she sees Alex being taken away by strangers. She doesn’t know anything about the boy. She doesn’t know who he is, why he’s being taken, or where he ends up. When she looks into the case again 25 years later, she does so with the idea that the boy is probably dead. When she finds out that he is Alex, who died around the same time she saw him being taken, her suspicions are confirmed.

Killing a child is almost the worst thing that can happen. Abby has a lot of questions when she starts her investigation, all of which lead her to wonder why someone would kill a boy. What was he thinking? He did what? There couldn’t be a good reason for all of this to happen to him, and there’s no way to explain it away as something other than bad. So, if anyone had anything to do with it in any way, it would be a terrible thing.

Disappearance At Clifton Hill Review
Disappearance At Clifton Hill Review

What good could come from a child going missing? Abby, Walter, and the rest of the people in the room all agree. And this is exactly where things start to go wrong. We can’t make good decisions when we can’t look at things in a logical way. Let’s take Walter as an example. He had always had a bad opinion of Charlie and his family. He doesn’t think much about it when Abby tells him that Alex was taken because of his parents. Instead of rethinking what he believes and asking himself if he was wrong, he blames Abby for doing business with Charlie. He is sure that his version of the truth is the right one, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

This misplaced confidence of his rubs off on Abby, who, even though she gets very close to the truth, always finds a way to link Charlie to it. She, too, is sure that her version of the truth is the right one. But the last scene shows that she was wrong. Charlie didn’t end up killing Alex after all.

Disappearance At Clifton Hill The Ending

Abby tries to get the Moulins to tell her what they know, but they are more dangerous than she thought. She realizes that they almost killed their son, but she doesn’t know how to connect that to Charlie yet. The only person who could back her up was Bev’s husband. In exchange for him telling the truth about everything, she lets him out of jail. He tells them about the kidnapping, which puts Charlie and the Moulins in danger. Now, the trial is the only thing left to do.

The news starts to talk about the story, and Abby tries to get her life back on track. She gets a job at a hotel as a manager. One day, a strange guest shows up at the hotel and makes Abby change her mind about how she thinks the case is going.

Is Alex still alive and well?

Disappearance at Clifton Hill is Alex Alive
Disappearance at Clifton Hill is Alex Alive

Alex was the most important part of Abby’s investigation. She had found out that he had been killed by following the clues. But in the end, she realizes that she was wrong about a lot of things because she started with the wrong clue. Alex is still alive.

Here’s what really went down. The Moulins tried to get their son to join the business they ran as a family. He had to face the tiger, which was not something he was ready to do. Alex lost one eye when the tiger attacked him. After this happened, he tried to get away because he knew his parents would eventually throw him in front of the tiger again. The Moulins sent Bev’s husband and her to get Alex back. Bev had taken pictures of Alex’s wounds, but the couple didn’t know that. She used threats to get them to pay her the money, which was her ticket out of this life.

Alex was trying to get away from his parents when he was taken away, which Abby saw. As agreed, Bev and her husband left him on the farm. But Charlie got there before the Moulins could. He helped Alex get away and even made it look like he had died to throw the police and Alex’s parents off his trail. He was in a position to help Alex financially, but he didn’t because he was interested in her in a sexual way. He really did take Alex under his wing and care for him in a healthy way.

Charlie helped him start a new, safer life far from Niagara Falls with the help of his friends. The boy would never come back, at least not until he found out that the person who saved him had been arrested for his murder. He goes back to town to tell everyone what happened, and the case is finally solved.

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