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Grace Season 3 Release Date Status Confirmed For 2023! Everything You Need To Know!

Grace is a British crime drama show with John Simm as the main character. It is based on Peter James’s best-selling DSI Roy Grace books.

The famous screenwriter Russell Lewis took the movies Dead Simple and Looking Good Dead and turned them into a TV series. It was shot in Brighton, Hove, and other places in Sussex, especially near the border between East and West Sussex, in 2020, and it will air in 2021. BARB says that Dead Simple, which aired in March 2021, had about 7.2 million viewers, making it the fifth most-watched show for the week of March 8–14.

Grace was picked up for a second season in May 2021. In September 2021, the movie was shot in the town of Burgess Hill in the county of West Sussex. The books Not Dead Enough, Dead Man’s Footsteps, and Dead Tomorrow were turned into movies.

On April 24, 2022, Looking Good Dead, which was the second episode of the first series in the US but the first episode of the second series in the UK, started a four-week run on ITV as the second series.

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Grace season 3 release date

It has! Peter James, who wrote the Roy Grace books that the show is based on, announced the renewal on Twitter. He said that the show did a great job of adapting his books for TV and that the show’s high ratings have been “more than a dream come true.”

He then said, “I’m really happy to confirm that there will be a third series.”

The season 3 premiered on 8pm on  Sunday 19th March 2023 via ITV1 & ITVX. We’ll add any new information to this page as it comes in.

What is the plot of Grace season 3?

So far, ITV has adapted Peter James’s Roy Grace novel series in order, and it’s likely that this will continue in season three to keep things consistent.

So, if season three is made up of three episodes, it will be like Dead Like You, Dead Man’s Grip, and Not Dead Yet.

In the book Dead Like You, the story is about two brutal rapes that Grace thinks were done by the same person.

In Dead Man’s Grip, the main character is a woman who survives a car crash only to find out that other people involved in the crash were tortured and killed afterward, and she may be next. When she refuses to hide, Grace and the Sussex police must work together to find the people who want to kill her.

In Not Dead Yet, a big Hollywood movie comes to Brighton, but one of its stars may not be safe because of a stalker.

James has written 18 Roy Grace books so far, and a 19th is coming out in September. It’s possible that ITV will keep adapting the books for a few more seasons of the show.

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 Who will return for season 3?

We would definitely expect DS Roy Grace and DS Glenn Branson, played by John Simm and Richie Campbell, to come back.

Since the show ended with Roy and Cleo back together, we’d expect Zo Tapper to come back, and Norman Potting, played by Craig Parkinson, could also come back.

The rest of the team will probably also keep showing up, but EJ’s role could be in question after what happened to her in Looking Good Dead. Since then, we haven’t heard anything new about her health.

Rakie Ayola, who plays ACC Alison Vosper, might not be back for season 3. Vosper said at the end of Dead Tomorrow that she had been given a new job at the MET in London. This means that someone else could take her place in Brighton.

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