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Outer Range Season 2 Release Date Status News (Updated 2022), Cast & More Details

In many series, the main plot is a full-on treasure hunt with interesting side stories. “Outer Range” has brought together people from the upper class and the working class.

But with Jose Borlin as the main character, season 2 might be a lot more interesting than people thought. An actor who was nominated for an Academy Award and an amazing cast is going to bring out the drama in you!

If you liked Season 1 of Outer Ranger, you will have to wait for Season 2. Even though we are true fans of TV shows, we know what it looks like to eagerly wait for a show. We’re both hurtings.

So, we’ve put together all the information we could find about Outer Range Season 2’s Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer, and more.

Outer Range Season 2: Release Date

Outer Range left us hanging more than once. When Perry (Tom Pelphrey) jumped into the void for time travel, where did he go? What will happen to Olivia Abercrombie’s character Amy now that she’s back with her mother? Is she becoming the mysterious and cryptic Autumn we know? What will the Abbotts do to get better? Please, for the love of God, tell me what the buffalo is (oh, and the portal and the scene from the future).

Basically, there is still a lot to sort out.

Even though it gets pretty complicated, both the premise and the way it is told are still very interesting. Fans deserve a second season, even if it’s just to tie up loose ends.

We don’t know if the Western-sci-fi thriller has been picked up for season 2 yet but keep checking back for more information.

Outer Range Season 2 — NOT RENEWED YET

Outer Range season 2 cast

Noah Reid’s character died in the last episode of Outer Range, so we won’t get to hear his beautiful singing voice again.

He and his on-screen brother Trevor Tillerson (Matt Lauria) were the only ones to die in the show, so we do expect the following to come back:

• Royal Abbott played by Josh Brolin
• Cecilia (Cece) Abbott played by Lili Taylor
• Rhett Abbott played by Lewis Pullman
• Autumn Rivers played by Imogen Poots
• Wayne Tillerson played by Wayne Patton
• Luke Tillerson played by Shaun Sipos
• Deputy Sheriff Joy played by Tamara Podemski
• Maria Olivares played by Isabel Arraiza

It’s hard to say if Amy, played by Olivia Abercrombie, will come back or not.

Outer Range Season 2 Cast
Outer Range Season 2 Cast

From season one, we know that Autumn, who turned out to be an older version of Amy who traveled through time, doesn’t remember anything from her childhood. This could mean that her memory was somehow erased.

This means that from then on, she wouldn’t have anything to do with the Abbotts. In the show, Amy is 9. In the last episode, she is taken by her mother, which is a turning point in her life as she starts to change into Autumn, but maybe we’ll see some of that change.

At the end of the season, no one knows where her father Perry is, so it’s not clear if Tom Pelphrey will be back to play the part.

Outer Range season 2 plot

At the time of writing, not much was known about what might happen in a second season.

At the end of the show, the Abbott family is in a lot of trouble. Perry has gone missing, Rhett has left town, Amy has gone missing, and Royal and Cece’s relationship has changed in some way. It is likely that in the second season, we will try to fix some of the problems that Autumn caused.

Time will tell if she turns out to be a friend or an enemy as we speed toward that mysterious future scene we saw in episode two, the one where Royal learns about his death. One thing is for sure: Royal will keep asking her questions.

Outer Range Season 2 Plot
Outer Range Season 2 Plot

We expect that the portal’s creator, Brian Watkins, will tell us more about what’s going on behind the scenes. How it has something to do with the land, the Abbotts, and that stupid buffalo.

Trevor and Billy Tillerson are no longer with their family. The last time we saw Wayne, he was in pretty bad shape, so it’s up to Luke to hold down the fort. Something tells us that he doesn’t care since he wants to control not only the Tillerson ranch but also the Abbotts’. This means that he is likely to keep trying to get control of both of them.

This may have something to do with his quest to get revenge for his brother Billy, who was also killed by an Abbott. You can expect things to get worse between the Abbotts and the Tillerson.

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