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Who Dies In Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1? What Happens In Episode 4 Of Stranger Things Season 4?

In Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 you might worry a lot about what will happen to your favorite character. The new monster of this season, the Vecna, is a scary creature that sneaks into the nightmares of teens who have been hurt and then kills them with supernatural powers while they are in the air. When the Vecna has you in his sights, the game is over.

This season, Max Mayfield is in the same situation. Max has stopped hanging out with Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and Mike since her brother Billy’s (Dacre Montgomery) death (Finn Wolfhard). She walks around Hawkins High with her headphones on and her favorite song, “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush, blaring. Vecna can easily catch Max, but does that mean she’s going to die?

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Does Max Die In Stranger Things Season 4?

Max Mayfield does not die in Season 4 of Stranger Things. At least she hasn’t died in Part 1 of Season 4 of Stranger Things.

In Stranger Things 4, Max comes the closest to dying. That’s because the Vecna chooses her to be one of his victims. He gives her nightmares, headaches, and eventually psychic visions of her worst memory, which is losing Billy.

Max’s friends work hard to find a way to save her about halfway through the season. Just as Vecna is about to grab Max, our favorite character, the group figures out that music is the key to defeating Vecna. Max would have died a horrible death at the hands of the Vecna if he hadn’t been listening to “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush.

Does Steve Die In Stranger Things Season 4?

Steve, everyone’s favorite friend, ally, and babysitter, is the next major Stranger Things character to be in danger of dying. At the end of “The Dive,” the sixth episode of Season 4 of Stranger Things, Steve offers to swim to the bottom of the lake to see if there is a gate to the Upside Down, where Patrick (Myles Truitt) dies. Certainly! Steve gets pulled into the Upside Down by it.

Once Steve is in the Upside Down, creepy bat-like things attack him violently. I’m sure these things have a D&D name in the Stranger Things world. They take a literal bite out of our dear Pookie, making him look like he’s dead. So does Steve die?

No! At least he makes it to the end of Season 4, Part 1 of Stranger Things. Nancy, Robin, and Eddie (Joseph Quinn), who doesn’t want to help, go after Steve and save him. Still, he has a strange wound that probably needs to be looked at by a doctor. (Robin thinks it might be rabies. Not at all. But what if it is Upside Down Rabies?) Steve is fine for now.

Stranger Things Season 4
Stranger Things Season 4

Does Nancy Die In Season 4 Of Stranger Things?

We’ll find out! Vecna stops Nancy (Natalia Dyer) from getting out of the Upside Down at the end of Part 1 of Season 4 of “Stranger Things.” He takes her to the Creel House in the Upside Down, where she finds out the truth about where he came from. When the first volume of Season 4 of Stranger Things ends, Nancy is in a very bad situation. Will her friends be able to get her a walkman with her favorite song, which I assume is “Toto” by Africa since that was the song she and Steve made out to in Season 1?

Who Dies in Stranger Things Season 4?

Even though none of our favorite characters have died by the end of Part 1 of Season 4 of Stranger Things, there have been a lot of deaths by the end of Episode 7.

The first scene of Stranger Things Season 4 takes place in Hawkins Lab in 1979. Except for Dr. Brenner and Eleven, everyone died in one day in a massacre that we don’t fully understand until Episode 7. There are a lot of deaths, even among children.

At the end of the first episode of Season 4 of Stranger Things, the Vecna kills Chrissy Cunningham, played by Grace Van Dien. The main plot of the season starts with her death because everyone thinks Eddie killed her.

Fred Benson is the next person Vecna kills (Logan Riley Bruner). He is a nerd at the high school paper who can’t figure out what Nancy is trying to tell him. No one seems sad about his passing.

The next teen Vecna says she knows is Patrick, who is a basketball star. Lucas and the basketball bros are very upset.

In flashbacks, we also see Vecna kill Virginia Creel (Tyner Rushing) and Alice Creel (Livi Burch) at the Creel House.

Other agents shoot an agent who was supposed to protect Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), Will (Noah Schnapp), and Mike. Only Argyle (Eduardo Franco) seems upset about it, but the agent died in the back of his pizza truck.

For now, that’s all there is to say about the number of people who died in Season 4 of Stranger Things. Only the first part of this new season has aired so far. We won’t know if all of our favorite characters make it out alive until the last two episodes of the season come out on Netflix on July 1.

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