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Will there be a Season 2 of Gleipnir? Check Out For All The Latest Updates

Are you a fan of the Japanese anime series Gleipnir? If so, you’ve been waiting for news about when season 2 will be released. Well, we have some good news! We’ve got all you need to know about the highly anticipated release date of Gleipnir Season 2. Read on for more information about this upcoming installment of the popular anime series.

About Gleipnir

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The manga series Gleipnir (Japanese, Hepburn: Gureipuniru) is written and illustrated by Sun Takeda. From October 2015 to April 2021, it was serialized in Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine Young Magazine the 3rd before being transferred to Monthly Young Magazine in May 2021. As of January 2023, its chapters have been collected in thirteen tankbon volumes. In North America, Kodansha Comics licensed the manga. A Pine Jam-adapted anime television series aired from April to June 2020.

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When Is Gleipnir: Season 2 Coming Out?

According to some sources, Unfortunately, there is no release date set for Gleipnir: Season 2. Despite its immense popularity, Crunchyroll still needs to renew the anime.

There are over 12 volumes of the manga in circulation, so there is more than enough material for a new season. Gleipnir was one of the most-watched anime of Spring 2020, and while it’s frustrating that there needs to be more information on plans, a second season will likely occur, albeit not as soon as you’d expect.

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Gleinpnir Season 2 Release Date

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Studio Pine Jam, publisher Kodansha, or any other production committee member has not yet renewed the anime for a second season. The first season of the anime concluded on June 28, 2020, and since then, many anime series have been renewed for a second season. Gleipnir is not one of these anime, unfortunately.

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However, given the release date of the first season of Gleipnir, the approval of a second season is quite premature. Episode 13 of the anime featured an original conclusion, and there were a few other deviations from the source material. It is currently unknown where Season 2 of Gleipnir will begin, but our best guess is manga chapter 36.

Shuichi and Claire want to complete the game by collecting 100 coins, but other players’ ruthlessness constantly targets them. The narrative continues with them and their companions traversing the mountain range in search of the coins, but a scent picked up by Shuichi leads them all directly to a group of ruthless killers. Each adversary possesses unfathomable abilities, so as the tension rises, all hell breaks loose.

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Which Studio Is Producing Season Two of Gleipnir?

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Studio Pine Jam was responsible for the magnificent visuals in Gleipnir. You may have heard of Just Because!, the well-known slice-of-life anime whose animation has received widespread praise. That is Pine Jam’s work as well.

It has not yet been confirmed who will animate Gleipnir: Season 2, but given that Pine Jam exceeded all expectations, let’s hope the animation studio stays the same.

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What Will Happen In The Second Season Of Gleipnir?

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There is no established plot for the season yet, but there are a lot of hypotheses based on the first season’s conclusion. The show’s second season will start with Shuichi, Claire, and Tandoori Shanbe, who may go to the crash site of the alien ship. It may wreak havoc on their planet due to the crash area.

In the previous episode, we saw that Shuichi Kagaya’s main protagonist now has more supernatural capabilities in addition to more extraordinary abilities. His features are more humanlike in this form, with a greater natural look that complements his gorgeous head of hair. The narrative has several intriguing developments and events, which is why fans are eagerly anticipating the program’s release.

As a result, in season 2, characters with more hidden personalities will be found among monsters. Adding more new characters will provide the audience with even more surprises. However, the creators have yet to make an official announcement regarding it. We’ll keep you informed as soon on any news regarding this anime season 2.

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Cast To Be Announced

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Here are the casts that may be kept for the next season, although new faces are anticipated to appear to make the anime more intriguing.

  • Brittney Karbowsky as Clair
  • Ry Mckeand as Shuichi
  • Yota is played by British actor Kieran Flitton.
  • Chihiro Yoshioka is played by Marie-Claire Neelly in this film.
  • Xanthe Huynh as Nana
  • Shuichi Kagaya is portrayed by Natsuki Hanae.
  • Williams, Sarah Anne as Miku
  • Sayaka Koyanagi is played by Shizuka Ito.
  • Case Mongillo as Isao

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Is There Any News Of A Trailer?

There have been no updates on the trailer for season two as of yet. Even the new release date and cast for this season are uncertain, so don’t expect to see the trailer until quite a bit later. However, you may visit YouTube and other sites to view the first season’s trailer or even the trailer. There are so many fan-made trailers surfacing online that you may use them to figure out the story ahead of time.

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Where Will Season Two of Gleipnir Air?

As with the previous season, Gleipnir: Season 2 will be available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Prime Video. Netflix and Hulu have been rapidly expanding their libraries so that anime will also return to other streaming services.

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