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Anime Boruto Part 2 Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

Boruto fans are eagerly anticipating the start of Part 2, which promises to be an exciting continuation of the story that began six years ago. With the anime adaptation of the manga quickly catching up, fans wonder when Boruto Part 2 will start.

Part 2 of the Boruto anime has already been confirmed, and it will likely follow the same pattern as Naruto Shippuden. But when will it premiere? Here’s everything we know so far.

Boruto Part 2 Release Date

Boruto anime's Part 1 ends with episode 293: What's next for the young  shinobi? - Hindustan Times

According to reports, the first episodes of Boruto Part 2 are set to premiere in September. However, there is still some uncertainty about the exact date, so fans must wait a little longer to see Konoha on their screens again.

The delay is because the anime adaptation is quickly catching up to the ongoing manga. But the good news is that Part 2 of the Boruto anime has already been confirmed to be in the works.

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What Can Fans Expect From Boruto Part 2?

What Can Fans Expect From Boruto Part 2?

Show creators have teased that it will focus on Boruto’s journey toward adulthood, just like Naruto Shippuden did with its main character. As the manga reaches the critical point of the time, skip, it will likely be gradually adapted into the anime, although it’s unclear how much of it will be included.

The anticipation for Boruto Part 2 is growing, and fans can’t wait to see where the story will go next. While the exact release date is still uncertain, shinobi fans can expect it to be a thrilling ride for all Boruto fans.

In conclusion, Boruto Part 2 is confirmed and expected to start in September, although the exact date is still unknown. It will likely follow the same pattern as Naruto Shippuden and focus on Boruto’s journey toward adulthood.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will there be Boruto Season 2?

A: Yes, a Boruto Part 2 has been officially announced. The first part of the anime will end in March 2023, and the second part will start after that. Part 2 will be a Naruto Shippuden-style sequel.

Q: Is Boruto ongoing in 2023?

A: No, Boruto Anime will go on Hiatus from April 2023. Episode 293 will be the last episode that will air, and the anime will resume with Part 2 after the break.

Q: Is Boruto fully completed?

A: Boruto manga is still ongoing and it is expected to continue for several years. The author, Ikemoto, said that he wants Boruto to have around 30 volumes, which would bring the entire franchise to a total of 100 volumes. Based on this, Boruto could end sometime around 2028. As for the anime, it will probably continue for a year or two after the manga’s completion.

Q: Who becomes the 9th Hokage?

A: There is no official announcement about the 9th Hokage in the Boruto series yet. However, many fans speculate that Konohamaru Sarutobi will become the next Hokage. Konohamaru is a skilled ninja and has already been shown to have the qualities of a good leader. But until the official announcement, it remains to be seen who will take over as the 9th Hokage.

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