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Who is Irma Serrano? What Caused the Unexpected Death of the Singer?

On Wednesday, the Mexican Performers’ Association announced Irma Serrano’s death at the age of 89. Serrano was a former actor who transitioned into politics and was the ex-girlfriend of Mexico’s president. This article will let you know the cause of death of the celebrity.

Who is Irma Serrano?

Mexico’s Irma Consuelo Cielo Serrano Castro was a politician, singer, and actress. Born on December 9, 1933, the famous woman is also known as “La Tigress de la Canción Ranchera.” She had an alluring and wild voice, making her a favorite among ranchera and corrido fans. Irma Serrano began her artistic career as a dancer with the Chelo La Rué choreographic company.

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She then pursued a career as a singer and actress. She was among the few survivors from Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema. From 1994 to 1997, Irma Serrano represented Chiapas in the Senate of Mexico. This resulted in her being the subject of numerous magazines and TV shows dedicated to celebrity news and rumors.

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How did she die?

On Wednesday morning in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico, legendary singer, actress, and politician Irma Serrano passed away after a heart attack. She was renowned as “La Tigresa” for her seductive voice in ranchera and corrido music. At 89, she was an old lady. The National Association of Interpreters of Mexico paid tribute to Serrano on Twitter with loving words:

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“We extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends,” they stated. Many will remember Serrano for her distinctive voice, which made her a legend in Latin America. Yet, she will be recognized most affectionately as a fearless leader who broke barriers for women in many fields.

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