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Who is Na Chul? What Caused the Death of the South Korean actor?

Na Chul, a South Korean actor that adorned the Korean entertainment business and stars like Vincenzo, went away on January 21. At this time, the deceased’s body has been transported to the Soonchunhyang University funeral home in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Read on to find more on the cause of death of the South Korean actor.

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Who is Na Chul?

In the year 1986, Na Chul was born on December 24th.  Happiness (2021), Little Ladies (2022), and Weak Hero Class 1 were some of the films in which he appeared (2022). On January 21, 2023, he passed away in Seoul. Starring in numerous successful Korean dramas after making his stage debut in the 2010 play “Anne’s Diary,” Na Chul is now a household name in the country. The K-dramas “Touch Your Heart,” “Happiness,” “Through the Darkness,” and “Vincenzo” all featured him as a lead actor.

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How did Na Chul pass away?

Star News Korea, a South Korean news organization, stated on January 21, 2023, that Na Chul, who played Vincenzo in Vincenzo and Little Ladies, had passed away at the age of 36. As previously reported, the actor’s poor health forced him to seek medical attention. The media site also reported that Na Chul died due to complications from his preexisting conditions. While hospitalized, however, his condition quickly deteriorated, and he passed away. It has not yet been determined what exactly caused the actor’s death.

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Tribute paid by many costars and fans

Kim Go-Eun, who co-starred with him in Little Women, sent a heartfelt homage to him on Instagram with the caption:

The best actor ever. The most amazing man, dad, husband, son and friend”I’m sorry I could not be with you till the end. Thanks for making these precious moments. I don’t know what the rush was. It will be better than here. The two remaining treasures I’ll keep them. Don’t you worry. RIP Na Chul”

Similarly, as the internet spread the news of the actor’s passing, many celebrities and admirers paid tribute to him through social media. Fans of his recent work on shows like Weak Hero Class 1, Once Once a Little Time, and others expressed their regret over his sudden departure on social media, tweeting their condolences and praising his performances.

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