Dove Cameron introspects her feelings and talks about “facing her demons” during the pandemic


While Dove Cameron was shooting her Apple TV+ series turned out to be a reframing situation.

“I had to go through so many dark nights of the soul,” says the Descendants actress, 25, to PEOPLE. She added, “But because I was alone and there was nowhere else for me to go, I could not escape myself. And I was dealing with things I hadn’t faced.”

And for Cameron that meant processing her emotions and feelings of her breakup with her boyfriend, Thomas Doherty. Also processing the tragic deaths of her father,  best friend and Descendants co-star, Cameron Boyce in 2019.

“Whenever you go through a big loss, it drums up every other loss,” says Cameron, who started recording so-called “therapy sessions” on her phone as a way of dealing with her emotions. “I was facing my demons all at once.”

When Cameron was 15, her father, Philip, a jewellery designer, died by suicide at that point the actress was offered her first role, in fact as a lead in Disney Hit series called Liv & Maddie.

“I knew what was being offered and I was barely functioning. I wasn’t a person. But the switch [to work] delayed my processing and it was probably a bit helpful honestly”, Cameron recalls.

Now as Cameron being an adult deeply understands her father’s pain as may have repressed his sexuality.

Cameron says, “He was sort of like a magic man, but he was very sad. I now know that he was deeply unwell. And even then, I was never angry with him. I knew how much he loved me and that he must have been in unimaginable pain. The life I live now is one my dad would have probably loved to achieve — living out loud and accepted. I feel really lucky.”

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