Tom Holland looks all steamy making his way to the gym after having a moment with rumoured girlfriend Zendaya


Tom Holland has been successful, yet again to struck our fancy, and well we are certainly not astonished but in admiration and endearment one more time. Time and again Tom Holland has surprised us with many of his tricks and gymnastics style and has not stopped to give us the reason to adore him ever since.  

The 25-year-old actor was absolute, calm, and composed as he was walking towards the gym to break a sweat, with dark navy-blue shorts, a black tee that he topped off with white socks, and orange sneakers. He accessorized his looks with a black Binnie and an expensive-looking silver watch, meanwhile being on his phone scrolling through.  

He looked exquisite in his attire and we are certain that he just increased his fan following after this paparazzi capture.  

Prior to the gym’s hard work, he was seen giggling and chatting with his rumored girlfriend Zendaya. The reason why we say rumored girlfriend now is because the couple was seen kissing passionately, and laughing together, while he also romantically placed his hand on her chin. The rumored couple was seen together in his Audi sportscar on 1st July. Whereas, he was photographed outside the gym on 2nd July. 

To all the marvel fans our prayers have finally been answered, our countless endeavor of shipping our Spiderman, Tom Holland, and Zendaya together has probably worked. 


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