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Who Is Cole Beasley Wife And Did They Date Before Getting Married?

Cole Beasley is a well-known NFL athlete, as we are all aware. He recently declared his October 5th retirement from football, capping an 11-year career in the sport.

When Cole’s management broke the news, many fans were taken aback. Cole is eager to spend more time with his children and is ready to be with his family, according to Beasley’s manager.

Cole Beasley used to be unable to spend enough time with his family because he had to travel frequently for various football games held throughout the city. Thus, the 33-year-old player departs from the NFL after 11 seasons.

However, Cole Beasley’s wife has received a lot of attention from fans. Let’s find out more about Cole Beasley wife in this article!

Who Is Cole Beasley Wife?

Cole Beasley’s wife is Krystin Beasley. She is a homemaker and an assistant attorney general from the United States. In addition to her profession as a lawyer, she is well-known for being her husband’s darling.

Who Is Cole Beasley Wife?
Who Is Cole Beasley Wife?

She is well-known for many reasons than just being Cole Beasley’s wife. Rather, she has battled and prevailed in several case trials. She is frequently shown supporting her husband anytime Cole receives criticism.

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Early Years Of Cole Beasley’s Wife

The well-known NFL star Cole Beasley’s wife, Krystin Beasley, was born on April 26, 1989, making her 35 years old in 2024. Krystin has shielded her sensitive details from the public.

She was born to Cavazos-Brown, her mother, and an unidentified father. It was at Little Elm City, Texas, where Krystin Allian Willis was raised. It has been reported that she has relatives in Plainview, Texas.

In her native Texas, Krystin’s mother was a professional real estate agent. Cameron Brown and Ashton Herrera were her other two siblings. Unfortunately, an accident in 2007 claimed Aston’s life at the age of 14.

Her ethnicity is uncertain, despite the fact that we know she was born and reared in Plainview, Texas. She is of American nationality. Although Cole Dickson Beasley, her husband, is an American citizen, it is still unclear what race he is.

Did Cole Date Krystin Before Marrying?

On April 22, 2014, Cole and Krystin Beasley exchanged vows. The couple hasn’t discussed their marriage or whether or not they have dated till 2022. Rumors circulated that the pair had dated. Since they grew up in the same city, it was speculated that they might have known one another. Rumor had it that the two were Little Elm High School classmates.

Up until the couple steps forward to tell their tale of how they met, everything might be taken for granted. Ace, the couple’s first child, was born in October 2014. Everett, the couple’s second child, was introduced into the world in 2017—three years later.

Jovie Carter Beasley, her third kid, was born in 2019 after she and her husband gave Kwame Raoul a position as an associate attorney. In 2022, both spouses are spending time together at their residences.

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