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Who Is Dave Matthews Wife And How Did They Get Acquainted?

Although Dave Matthews is most known for leading the Dave Matthews Band and for his musical abilities, people are as interested in his personal life. This article dives into the life of Dave Matthews wife, examining the person who has traveled with him and providing details about her upbringing and passions!!

Who Is Dave Matthews’ Wife?

Dave Matthews’ spouse is Jennifer Ashley Harper. She worked on a business with Matthews. When Matthews’ Dreaming Tree Wines brand unveiled a rosé, the musician revealed that Harper came up with the concept. Matthews stated:

“My wife said, ‘Are you gonna make a Rosé with Dreaming Tree, and I said, ‘What a good idea!’ So I called up Sean [McKenzie] who’s head winemaker at Dreaming Tree and … I said, ‘Hey, my wife thinks it’s time to do a rosé!’ “

You can see the picture of Dave Matthews with his wife in the tweet below:

He explained that in order to create their rosé, he and Harper spent time trying out different wines and keeping a journal of what they liked and didn’t like. Matthews revealed: “I really do think that it is a remarkably good Rosé. It’s light and crisp and it’s got a little bit of watermelon and strawberry.”

Who Is Dave Matthews’ Wife
Who Is Dave Matthews’ Wife

What Is The Profession Of Jennifer Ashley Harper?

Jennifer Ashley Harper is a naturopathic physician, a medical specialty that emphasizes natural therapies. The Harper-Matthews family initially moved to Seattle when Harper was enrolled in medical school there. But before long, they were calling it home. In 2005, Matthews stated:

“My wife is done with school, but we’re attached to the city. So as far as I know, unless there are some changes that my wife has not informed me of, we have no plans to leave.”

He went on: “We live in Seattle for most of the year when I’m not “When I’m not working, we spend most of the year (in Seattle). But we do visit (Charlottesville) Virginia. We have a lot of roots that we put down there. But it seems like our family started here in Seattle, so this is my home now. That’s how I feel about it.”

The following are some additional tales that are similar to this one:

How Did Jennifer Ashley Harper And Dave Matthews Meet?

Matthews and Harper originally connected during a Halloween party on campus. In 2014, Dave disclosed:

“She was just freaky. She was a pretty nutty girl in college, That’s the first time she saw me. I never dress up for Halloween, but this night I shaved my head, painted it yellow, put on a lot of eye makeup and wore a leather jacket and blue jeans. My whole torso was painted white. I definitely looked very sick. My wife saw me then and told me she thought I was gay. She thought I was cute.”

Are Dave Matthews And Jennifer Ashley Harper Parents?

Harper and Matthews have three children together. Their son, August Oliver was born in 2007, and their twin girls, Stella Busina and Grace Anne, were born in 2001. The three children of the marriage were born in Seattle, where they now reside for the most part of the year.

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