City Girls JT Before And After

City Girls JT Before And After: See Her Surgery Before And After Photos

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Women in the Hip Hop industry have to deal with a lot of things, including rumors that they have had plastic surgery. Over the weekend, some trolls on Instagram said that JT of the City Girls had work done on her face.

A picture of JT before she became famous went viral, which made the Miami-born singer share a side-by-side comparison of her face from back then to now. She said that her skin wasn’t in great shape in the past, but her fans have always known and loved the same face.

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“I never had any surgery,” JT wrote in the caption. “Please leave my chubby puberty acne mug shots alone. I was a young lost teenager in Florida sun with bad skin! Now I’m grown paid & polished… get over it.”.

The rapper, of course, looked different from when she was a child to when she was an adult. This is natural, but some fans think it wasn’t just a natural change and that JT had some work done on her face. She has since responded to the claims online with receipts that show she has never had any kind of plastic surgery. JT says that the old mugshot being used against her is not a good piece of evidence, and she insists that her skin has just gotten better.

JT had to defend her boyfriend, Lil Uzi, from online trolls after he got into a heated argument on Instagram live with a member of her group, Yung Miami. After the conversation, JT turned off her Twitter and hasn’t turned it back on yet. Uzi says that everything was just a game.“That’s my gf best friend I was playing with her she always curse me out..”

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