Before And After Pictures Of Post Malone's Teeth

Post Malone Teeth Before And After: What’s On His Teeth Now?


Post Malone is a well-known American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Austin Richard Post is his real name. He is known for writing and singing songs that make you think. He has been praised for mixing hip hop, pop, R&B, and trap styles and subgenres. A rap name generator took Post’s real name and turned it into his stage name. Look at this page to see what Post Malone has on his teeth. Here is the story of Post Malone.

Name Post Malone
Real Name Austin Richard Post
Age 26
Date of Birth July 4, 1995
Net Worth $45 million
Birthplace Syracuse, New York, U.S.
Occupation Rapper, singer, song

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Post Malone Teeth Before And After

In 2021, Malone’s canine teeth are now very interested in diamonds. His dentist has talked about his teeth on his Instagram page. Thomas Connelly worked with Isaac Bokhoor and the rest of his team on Diamond Cutters. He also worked on Malone’s teeth with Setters.

Also, his amazing Ice grin was used in the song Drip, which set a new music record. He has also had dental work done in Belgium. Even though he has a diamond in his tooth, he can still brush his teeth normally. Also, you don’t have to do anything special when you brush his hair.

He also has two teeth with diamonds in them. He spent his money on things that made him happy. He also just got a tattoo done by a tattoo artist in a dentist’s office. He got a new tattoo while getting his teeth cleaned.

Teeth Before And After
Teeth Before And After

What Does Post Malone Have & How Much Does It Cost?

The sharpest teeth on Malone are made of diamonds. It had two diamond teeth and claws and two diamond teeth, for a total of about 12 carats of diamonds. Even his smile is worth a million dollars.

Thomas Connelly, DDS, the “Father of Diamond Dentistry,” says that Malone’s new smile will be done in June 2021. The value of his teeth is $1600,000. He said that his smile had real porcelain veneer work around it.

What Has Post Malone Done With His Teeth?

Post Malone has a smile that shows off natural porcelain veneer work and is framed by two diamond fangs that weigh a total of 12 carats. His dentist, Dr. Thomas Connelly, posted a picture of it on Instagram with the caption “$1 million smile!” and said it was done in collaboration with a cosmetic dentist.

How Much Is The Teeth Of Post Malone Worth?

It seems that Post Malone’s megawatt smile, which shines like the diamonds in his mouth, costs a hefty $1 million.

Was Post Malone Able To Repair His Teeth?

Post Malone has a new $1.6 million smile to show off while the world waits for his next studio album. The 25-year-old singer’s teeth got a major makeover over the weekend, according to TMZ. He spent more than $1 million on porcelain veneers framed with 2 diamond fangs.

Is Post Malone a Gay?

Fans are talking about Post Malone’s sexuality right now, and many of them say that he is gay. But he is not gay, and there is nothing to suggest that he is. There was no proof that the rumors were true. Malone hasn’t talked about it either because he doesn’t think it’s important.

He is also dating his long-term girlfriend, whose name has become one of the most talked-about things on the internet recently. Malone hasn’t told anyone who his partner is until they have their first child together.

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