Bling Empire Season 2 Release Date

Bling Empire Season 2: Netflix Confirmed Release Date And All That You Must Know!


Bling Empire gives you a glimpse into a world most people could only imagine: a world of jewels, couture, and fine dining.

Crazy Rich Asians inspired Bling Empire, which takes us into a world where money is no object and displaying one’s wealth is encouraged in a small but close-knit super-rich Asian society in LA.

Is your two-year-old boy or girl about to turn a year older? Spend at least $10,000 for the celebration. Why bother cooking when you can go out at five-star restaurants all the time? Why not live out your wildest fantasies?

If you’re part of a little town like this, you’ll eventually find yourself in each other’s personal lives, and that has its own set of problems.

The second season of Netflix’s Crazy Rich Asians shows members of the gang attempting to get romantic, continuing their frenemies and rivalries, and ultimately revealing their secrets to the world. We’re now anxious to find out more about this mystery.

Here’s what the cast has in store for them…

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Bling Empire season 3 Release Date:

Season 2 of “Bling Empire,” which will consist of eight episodes, will premiere on Friday, May 13.

The Season 2 video opens with a montage of the elements that constitute “Bling Empire”: sports cars, champagne, and couture.

The teaser then goes on to show more of the drama, which looks to revolve around Anna Shay, a Japanese-Russian heiress to an armaments and defense empire, and Christine Chiu, an entrepreneur who co-founded Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery with her husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu, as it did last season.

Bling Empire season 2 cast

Dorothy Wang (who we have mentioned) and Mimi Morris, a streamer who notoriously lives the lavish life after her family left Vietnam to escape the war, are two additional cast members who have been introduced.

The following characters return from the previous season of Bling Empire:

  • Anna Shay
  • Kevin Kreider
  • Cherie Chan
  • Kim Lee
  • Gabriel Chiu
  • Kane Lim
  • Jessey Lee
  • Kelly Mi Li
  • Christine Chiu

Bling Empire season 3: What will happen?

Season three begins with Kevin and Kim’s will they or won’t they relationship, which has a lot to unravel.

Even though he had tried to pursue her during season 2, Kevin found himself on the verge of losing his almost six-year sobriety when the party lady approached him. Kim, on the other hand, was unable to overcome her distrust of Kevin and even forced him to undergo a lie detector test.

As for Kane, he’s the one who has gotten himself into conflict with Kevin, Anna, and Christine this season for his love of a gossip session.

Kane informed Anna of Christine’s assertions that Anna planned to ‘kill’ her after Christine’s claims to Kane. Even though it seemed to add gasoline to the fire of an already tense relationship, Anna quickly heard Christine out and genuinely sympathized with the thought that she was only voicing her anxieties at a vulnerable stage already.

Drew — Kelly’s caustic ex-boyfriend who she terminated things with a season before – returned as Anna prepared to join forces with Kane to clear things up once and for all.

He appears to be trying to earn Anna’s approval by bringing flowers to her residence. What’s the reason behind this?

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