My Cousin Rachel Ending Explained

My Cousin Rachel Ending Explained: Did Ambrose Killed By Rachel in The End?


Following its re-airing on television, many Audiences want the ending of My Cousin Rachel addressed.

The magnificent writings of famed English novelist Daphne du Maurier will be all too known to literary lovers. Film buffs, on the other hand, will undoubtedly recognize many of her stories…

The Birds, Rebecca, and Jamaica Inn are just a few of the many adaptations of her work directed by the one and only Alfred Hitchcock. They were ideal for film adaptation, and who better than Alfred Hitchcock to do it? The filmmaker’s first two films, in particular, are among his most treasured and famous works.

Don’t Look Now, directed by Nicolas Roeg, and My Cousin Rachel, directed by Roger Michell, are two prominent adaptations of her works.

The 2017 film stars Rachel Weisz (The Favourite) as Rachel and Sam Claflin (Peaky Blinders) as protagonist Philip and is based on the 1951 novel. It’s a fantastic film with a conclusion that begs to be discussed. Following its re-airing on television, many want the ending of My Cousin Rachel addressed.

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My Cousin Rachel’s Ending Explained

There is a deliberate ambiguity to the finale of My Cousin Rachel.

Ultimately, even after all these years, he is still doubtful of Rachel’s innocence, and his uncertainty continues to stalk him like a ghost throughout his life.

However, she addresses him as Ambrose moments before dying away in the story, which is identical to how the novel finishes. This is reinforced even further by the film, which demonstrates that Philip will never be able to find closure in his life story. Rachel is the last person to die for the truth to be known.

Due to the seeds planted throughout the novel – the sickness, for example – there are reasons to suspect she was innocent, but there is no way to be certain because she is presumed innocent.

The novel’s conclusion raises questions about guilt and morality, and it does it in a provocative fashion. As a result, Philip should be punished by doubt in Rachel’s absence because he brought her to her death without being clear about what she had done to deserve to die. The apparent roles of perpetrator and victim are inverted as a result of such cruel and severe conduct. We can now affirm that Philip is the one who is at fault — as a result of his conduct – but we will never know whether Rachel was at fault or not. It is inevitable that our acts have repercussions, and we can never achieve peace until we are inquiring rather than destructive.

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Theories That Explain My Cousin Rachel Ending

There seem to be two distinct camps of opinion on this film, in my opinion. The Phillip supporters. The Rachel-supporters’ wing of the political spectrum. Another possibility is an amalgam, the Life Is Messy idea, which may fall somewhere in the middle. / But with this film, I believe we have a clearer picture of which hypothesis is at play here.

We see Phillip and Louise riding in the estate’s carriage happily at the film’s conclusion. There is nothing missing from their dazzling attire. Why is this happening? The only way this is possible is if Rachel didn’t deliberately steer the estate away from Phillip. They were all concerned about the same thing—Philip and Nick as well as Louise Rachel’s blood sugar were dangerously low.

Sending cash out of the nation was her hobby! Ack! As a result, she was bankrupting herself and her family in order to send the money from the Cornwall estate out to the Italians! Rainaldi, on the other hand, turned out to be homosexual and a one-time acquaintance.

And the Italians’ ominous threat never materialized. And to top it all off, Rachel didn’t make a will in order to defraud Philip of his wealth. No money was taken from the estate. She didn’t overtly thwart his plans, though. There is no reason for this. Isn’t that what she was going for? Alternatively, you might say that.

my cousin rachel book ending explained
my cousin rachel book ending explained

It was the right hook at the end that was one of the movie’s best parts for me. It was a shocker. Rachel did not intend to harm you in any way. And what’s even better? In reality, it’s you who’s going crazy. You are the one suffering from a malignancy in your head and derangement that defies logic.

What’s the worst part? In this story, Phillip is the killer. He sent her over the cliff trail on purpose. She was killed by her own hands. What about the carriage scene we witness at the end? What Louise is going to learn about her prince charming Phillip is only a gloomy respite. And it won’t be pleasant.

I’m not sure if Ambrose was killed by Rachel. Is Phillip really a bad guy? Thoughts?

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