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See Season 3 Release Date on Apple TV+, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know So Far


One of Apple TV+’s finest Show is ‘See’. For its rapid speed and sudden shifts, it is renowned. The show’s third season will be available on Apple TV+, which is great news for fans.

In addition, the show has not been renewed for a second season. While fans wait for Baba Voss and the rest of the group to make another appearance on the show, Season 3 will carry on this plotline.

See envisions a scenario in which a virus has wiped off the human race after a nuclear war has wreaked havoc on the planet. Remarkably, many of those who survived lost their eyesight and had to start a new civilization.

Political intrigue was a significant obstacle in the first season. Its basis was laid by an early conflict between violent events and sexual encounters.

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Release Date of ‘See’ Season 3

Despite the fact that the second season of SEE had to be delayed owing to challenges with filming on the COVID set, the first season appeared on Apple TV in November of 2019. From November 1st through December 6th, Season 1 broadcast a total of eight episodes.

Apple TV+ has ordered a third season of the post-apocalyptic thriller ‘See’ Season, which stars Jason Momoa, just days before the show’s Season 2 release on the streaming service. The news was revealed during Momoa’s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night.

Season 3 began production in June 2021, so there won’t be much longer for fans to wait. According to the show’s prior production history, Season 3 of See will premiere on Apple TV+ in the fall of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

According to showrunner Jonathan Tropper, the third season, which was shot simultaneously with the second in Toronto, Canada, is nearly finished.

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See Season 3 Cast:

There are often high stakes in tv shows. In the second season, there is likely to be at least one character that people don’t like. But for now, running to find out who might be in the third installment is worth it.

It’s possible that they’ll make it through Season 2. If they do, they think the main cast will all be back for Season 3. Momoa and Baba are two of the main characters, as are Maghera and Hera Hilmar.

see season cast
see season cast

It’s also going to be interesting to see if the guardians of Dave Bautista, the actor who plays the brother of an enemy of Baba Edo Voss, play a big role in Season 2. It’s possible that Adrian Paul, David Hewlett, Eden Epstein, Hoon Lee, Olivia Cheng, Tamara Tunie, Tom Mison, and other cast members from Season 2 could return in Season 3.

Because Jason Momoa finished filming his part in the third season of See in July, it’s likely that he’ll have a much smaller role in the next season. Some people think that season 3 will be the last season of See because of the tone of Tropper’s caption and the fact that Momoa is not on the show.

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The Plot of ‘See’ Season 3:

A character called Edo Voss, played by Dave Bautista was shown to us in Season 2. He is the brother of Momoa’s character, Baba Voss. He came to kick ass and make Baba’s life a living hell.

The end of season 2 saw a lot of big changes happen, and some characters’ fates were left in the balance. It started with the daughter of Voss, Haniwa, who was hit by many arrows. She made it back to the fortress, but many soldiers from the Alkenny tribe didn’t. After this tragedy, season 3 is going to be a lot more interesting.

Before we knew it, Edo and Baba Voss were going to fight one-on-one. Baba doesn’t want to kill his evil brother, but when Edo comes at him, he has no choice but to stab Edo in the gut. Is that the end of Edo’s rule? Sci-fi is a world where everything is possible.

At the end of season 2, it looks like everything is calm in Penna. We already know that the calm before the storm doesn’t last long when it comes to See, and season 3 is sure to be even more violent and bloody for Baba Voss and his tribe.

Besides, let’s not forget about Queen Kane and her pregnancy, either. At the end of season 2, Paris (Alfre Woodard) goes to check on Kane. She ends up with her throat cut, but Kane is fine. It’s likely that season 3 will look at how Kane’s promise to kill anyone who takes her child will play out.

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See Season 2 Trailer:

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